About Those Ragweed Allergies!

If the mere mention of ragweed sends you into a sneezing and crying frenzy, you’re not alone. A super-villain of allergy plants, ragweed is one of the most allergenic species affecting one out of every [...]

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From the time, you contact us to the time your stairlift is installed, Stannah treats you like family. We are committed to quality engineering, craftmanship, safety and reliability. Having you, our customers, safely navigating the [...]

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Get the Right Help at the Right Time

Navigating the Complexities of a Medical Crisis Away from Home! For 30 years Angels of Flight has helped Canadians get the emergency medical care they need when they’re away from home. Providing access to qualified [...]

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The Original Unheated Raw Honey

The Original Unheated Raw Honey Chances are you’ve heard that “raw” or “unpasteurized” honey is a healthier alternative to the mass-produced and pasteurized honey that’s so readily available at big-chain supermarkets. Pasteurization [...]

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