Africa On Safari

Africa On Safari Inc. Canada’s first and most experienced African Travel Company (since 1972) Come with us for Africa. See lions, cheetah and leopard at play, at love and raising their families. Thrill at their skills as they hunt. See the largest elephants in the world as they bathe, shower and move across Africa’s exotic landscape. Africa is the Ark of the world. Monkeys of all species, chimpanzees, baboons, [...]

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Churchill Wild

Churchill Wild Take A Walk On The Wild Side! There is a certain kind of traveller who can’t be satisfied with a-paint-by-numbers kind of vacation. They long for something extraordinary, something unique, something that will rival their last jaw-dropping, take-your-breath-away moment. From the dense rainforests of Brazil to the untamed outback of Africa, their unquenchable thirst for excitement takes them to the most exotic destinations around the world. If [...]

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