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If you’re looking for a romantic retreat where you can reconnect with the one you love, look no further than the Sterling Inn & Spa. Located just minutes from the world-famous Niagara Falls, Ontario and the excitement of the downtown core, the Sterling Inn & Spa is the only boutique hotel in the area — and the ultimate couple’s getaway. Offering much more than your typical hotel and dedicated to creating amazing experiences for their [...]

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Welcome to the historic Glenerin Inn

Welcome to the historic Glenerin Inn Built in 1927, the Glenerin Inn & Spa is a historic and architectural gem, nestled in the heart of the Sawmill Valley in Mississauga. Just minutes from downtown Toronto and Pearson International Airport, the inn boasts a reputation of unparalleled hospitality in an atmosphere of old-world charm coupled with modern amenities. This idyllic retreat is proud to be one of the area’s premier venues for social [...]

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Stratford is Romance

Stratford is Romance Need a romantic getaway? You will be charmed by Stratford’s exceptional culinary experiences, scenic beauty and time away with your sweetie, only 90 minutes from Toronto. Enjoy perfectly paired menus inspired by International and Canadian chefs, created and served by Stratford Chefs School students in their new Open Kitchens. Favourite restaurants offer multi-course winemaker dinners while local cheese mongers introduce innovative pairings that are sure to be new favourites. [...]

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Your Cottage Awaits at Ste. Anne’s Spa

YOUR COTTAGE AWAITS AT STE.ANNE'S SPA Once the frosty weather has arrived the winter blues are usually not far behind. Luckily, there’s no need to hibernate, Ste. Anne’s Spa has everything you need to make your winter a memorable one. Covered in a blanket of thick white snow, Ste. Anne's is transformed into a beautiful enchanted castle surrounded by 400 acres of pristine Northumberland countryside. Here, you can embark on soothing winter warming [...]

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Spa Finder

Spa: More Than A Vacation—It Can Change Your Life Oh, Canada! We love you for your breathtaking Rockies and coastal mountains, your 31,700 lakes, fresh-water glacials, majestic wildlife, and your culturally rich and diverse cities. And then there’s the way you rarely boast about being the second largest country in the world—with the longest coastline and much of the world’s fresh lake water—almost like you’re keeping this beautiful place a wonderful secret. Thankfully, there are [...]

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Elmwood Spa

Elmwood Spa As a much needed refuge from the bustling streets of downtown Toronto, Elmwood Spa is a complete wellness destination offering everything you need to unwind. In a soothing atmosphere of understated elegance and serenity, guests can enjoy a relaxing environment without ever leaving the city. Boasting over 40,000 square feet of stylish space, this award-winning spa is situated in a historic five-story building in the heart of Toronto. Home to a [...]

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