Start Your Morning in Japan with Just One Sip

By: Brandon Sousa Calm. Still. Nothing but a gentle breeze in the air, running through the tree branches through the lands around the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple in Japan. For me, it was 2013 but I can still remember my trip to Japan with such specific detail it’s like I was just there. And as I tried this new Japanese-style ice coffee called MIURA, all those memories came rushing back to me. MIURA is a flash-chilled [...]

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Keeping Connected Where Ever You Go: KnowRoaming

By: Brandon Sousa It’s the great debate among travellers: keep your mobile phone connect or unplug and embrace your vacation technology free. I always opt for the connection! Here’s the thing: mobile phones are meant to make your life easier and with a variety of apps that can maximize my experience in a new destination, it’s a no-brainer to find a way to stay connected on my travels. Apps like Google Translate that help me [...]

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Top 10 Travel Products of 2017

  Top 10 Travel Products of 2017 Written by: Jessica Kuepfer This year, companies produced new solutions for lost luggage, exploring unknown routes in a new city and the ability to charge your devices no matter where you are. Essentially, they have provided the answer to a less stressful trip to your next destination. We have narrowed down the products to the top 10 items of 2017 below. Wearsafe A modern-day mobile [...]

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Are these the Best Travel Headphones on the Market?

  Are these the Best Travel Headphones on the Market? Etymotih Earphone When you’re travelling the last thing you want is to hear is a toddler screaming or the bickering couple behind you. Luckily, there are options that can make your travels less stressful. The Etymotic earphones are the world’s most accurate noise-isolating in-ear monitors and they do just that — cancel out unnecessary background sounds better than any other regular earphones. [...]

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Travis: The Travel Partner We Didn’t Know We Needed

  Travis: The Travel Partner We Didn’t Know We Needed   By: Brandon Sousa After a long day of travel, usually on a bumpy road, in an uncomfortable bus, there is just one thing I need to ask the owner of the closest shop. “How much for a cold beer?” To be honest, I’ve never been a languages guy. It doesn’t matter how long I spend in a country, I can’t seem [...]

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11 Travel gift ideas for the traveller on your list

11 Travel gift ideas for the traveller on your list Written by: Jessica Kuepfer We know that buying for someone with wanderlust can be hard. Those who travel frequently often travel light, leaving behind many of the thoughtful gifts that are given over the holiday season. Thankfully, we have taken the guess work out of this year’s shopping list and have curated a collection of gifts that are as beautiful as they are functional [...]

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