The Tech Revolution in Real Estate

The Tech Revolution in Real Estate Rapid technological advances in the past two decades have affected every aspect of our lives. Businesses that don’t get on board risk getting left behind. Gone are the days when searching for real estate meant picking up the paper and flipping through the listings. And those who are ahead of the curve say there are plenty of other changes in place now that were unimaginable even a few [...]

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Great Blue Resorts

Park Mode Cottage/Vacation Home Ownership (I also liked your suggestion of ‘Family-Friendly Resort’—please feel free to change the title if you wish) When buying a property any realtor will tell you it’s all about location, location, location. However, all too often homeowners are forced to make big sacrifices to lay down roots in these sought after neighbourhoods. Luckily at Great Blue Resorts we believe that you should have it all. We offer affordable three season [...]

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Grand Laguna Beach

Say Goodbye to Paint-by-number Vacations or Experience an Authentic Taste of the Caribbean Are you tired of the generic vacations offered by all-inclusive resorts? Do you want an actual taste of the Caribbean culture and lifestyle? Then leave the buffet lines behind and join us at Grand Laguna Beach where you can take control of your vacation! Grand Laguna Beach is a new, luxurious, yet affordable condominium/hotel in the Dominican Republic, built and managed with the utmost [...]

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