Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer All Aboard Amazing Inspiring. Breathtaking. Unforgettable. These are some of the ways guests describe their experience on a Rocky Mountaineer train as it travels through the Pacific Northwest and majestic Canadian Rockies. The extraordinary journey onboard Rocky Mountaineer is just as remarkable as the destinations themselves. Guests from around the world travel in luxury, revelling in the endless views of old growth forests, glacier-capped mountain peaks, and shimmering lakes and rivers. PANORAMIC [...]

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Expo Cruises and Tours

Venture to the cradle of civilization and discover the exotic magnetism of Africa. A profusion of natural beauty, cultural diversity and extraordinary culinary delights, it is no wonder Cape Town has secured a spot on many seasoned travellers ‘must see’ list. Fringed in the rapture of flawless beaches, this beautiful city boasts a lively downtown core swarming with restaurants, shops, and local attractions. Marvel at the celestial panorama from Albert dock, or surrender to the [...]

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Credit Valley Explorer Tour

"Southern Ontario’s Most Scenic Rail Tour! Winter, spring, summer or fall, it’s a wonderful time of the year to ride the Credit Valley Explorer Tour Train! Each season offers unique views and different tour train services through the heart of the Credit Valley and the Hills of Headwaters. Known for its rolling hills, deep valleys, unsurpassed fall colours and being the headwaters of four major river systems, the Headwaters region provides a picturesque backdrop for [...]

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