Be Adventurous and Learn a Little History in Cuba

Be Adventurous and Learn a Little History in Cuba Along with its world-renowned beaches, Cuba offers incredible ecotourism adventures and excursions where one can get in touch with nature, absorb a bit of the local culture, and experience an adrenaline rush. There’s just so much more to do beyond the beach, and with the help of Sunwing travellers can take advantage of a number of daily flights to destinations throughout Cuba, as [...]

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Cub’A Top Destination Are Back To Pre-Storm Form

CUBA'S TOP DESTINATIONS ARE BACK TO PRE-STORM FORM Hurricane Irma’s trajectory saw the record-setting storm make landfall in Cuba on September 8, after already pummeling the Caribbean. When the storm passed, the Cuban government sprang into action with a comprehensive response effort. Hammers met nails as Cuba was rebuilt and reinvigorated. Cuba’s tourist regions are emblematic of this recovery. With regular opera- tions resuming, travellers can once again enjoy warm water and warmer [...]

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Great Escape To Historic Cuba

Great Escape To Historic Cuba&lt Cuba remains one of the most popular international travel destina­tions for Canadian travellers. Beyond the spectacular beaches, Cuba boasts many allures including nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites - that's more than any other island in the Caribbean! Much of Cuba's rich heritage and culture has remained the same. Here are two of the most fascinating and historic places to explore. Santiago de Cuba - Santiago de Cuba, the [...]

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