About Those Ragweed Allergies!

If the mere mention of ragweed sends you into a sneezing and crying frenzy, you’re not alone. A super-villain of allergy plants, ragweed is one of the most allergenic species affecting one out of every ten Canadians. Itchy, red, watery eyes, congestion and sneezing are all too familiar symptoms experienced by ragweed allergy sufferers starting in August and ending in early fall! Commonly mistaken for the showier but innocent Goldenrod, the ragweed plant is very [...]

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From the time, you contact us to the time your stairlift is installed, Stannah treats you like family. We are committed to quality engineering, craftmanship, safety and reliability. Having you, our customers, safely navigating the stairs in the home you love remains our primary focus. What are the safety features? We’re very proud to provide a smooth safe ride with features like our state of the art obstruction detection sensors and our specialized post-in-hole seat [...]

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Dental Hygienists… Your Partners in Prevention for Overall Health

What is a Dental Hygienist? Dental hygienists are primary oral health care professionals who provide clinical assessments and therapy, oral health education, and offer health promotion strategies to people of all ages. Where are Dental Hygienists Educated? Dental hygienists are educated at universities and colleges across Canada. Dental hygiene students study the following key topics: anatomy and physiology, microbiology and infection control, health promotion and disease prevention, and nutrition and health. While most dental hygienists [...]

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Get the Right Help at the Right Time

Navigating the Complexities of a Medical Crisis Away from Home! For 30 years Angels of Flight has helped Canadians get the emergency medical care they need when they’re away from home. Providing access to qualified healthcare professionals, travellers can rest easy knowing they will get the right help at the right time. Angels of Flight Canada knows every second counts in a medical emergency. These situations require a prompt connection to a Canadian Healthcare Professional [...]

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The Original Unheated Raw Honey

The Original Unheated Raw Honey Chances are you’ve heard that “raw” or “unpasteurized” honey is a healthier alternative to the mass-produced and pasteurized honey that’s so readily available at big-chain supermarkets. Pasteurization is a heat-treatment that keeps honey in its liquid form for longer, but also nullifies the taste, the aroma, and the enzymes that are responsible for honey’s antibacterial qualities. But few, apart from industry insiders, know that even honey labelled [...]

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What the “O” in OHIP Really Means

What the “O” in OHIP Really Means We take for granted that our Ontario health card (or “OHIP”) covers many of our medical expenses here in Ontario. But what kind of coverage does it get us in other Canadian provinces? We all put travel insurance on our list when we’re heading to an exotic locale. Most of us think of it if we’re heading to the U.S. But within Canada? We typically [...]

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HEALTHY SNACK FOR YOUR HOLIDAY TRAVEL Healthy Snacks for your Holiday Travel Whether you are rushing to the airport, exploring a new city or tackling a great outdoor adventure, keeping your energy levels up will allow you to make the most of your next trip. Bounce Protein Balls offer 100% natural energy foods in many great flavours, making them an easy grab & go choice to toss in your bag. Travelers also love [...]

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HOT DETOX FRITTATA  2 tbsp                                              coconut oil, divided 2 cups                                              finely chopped leeks 1 1⁄2 cups                           [...]

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Motion Sickness 101

Motion Sickness 101 WHY IT'S SO DEVASTATING When it hits, motion sickness is upsetting for you and your loved ones, disrupting events, your travel plans and dreams. Dealing with symptoms like nausea, dizziness, vomiting or headache can be personally embarrassing and worrisome for those travelling with you. WHAT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING Motion sickness is a common occurrence for many people during travel. The continuous, slow and prolonged motion on boats and in vehicles increases [...]

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Give the Gift of a Ste. Anne’s Spring

Give the Gift of a Ste. Anne’s Spring As memories of winter melt away and colourful crocuses pop out of the earth, we walk with more spring in our steps and feel the urge to spring into action. Small wonder the word “spring” is a verb as well as a noun. Spring is the perfect time and Ste. Anne’s the perfect place to hit “reset” for body and soul. It is an idyllic [...]

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