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It was in the retelling of Françoise’s story that the words got stuck in my throat. More than a day after she’d told me of her journey, I found myself at a blockage. I think it was the broken glass bottle. It wedged in my throat and I couldn’t physically say it, as though the articulating of it finally made it real and pass through me too. Yet Françoise is not broken, she’s [...]

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Can you think of a gift that you received when you were young, that had a big impact on your life? D“My parents could really do the Christmas thing. Under the tree resembled a “movie set” Christmas. I was 3 and a half, and my parents had bought me a family of dolls, a kid sized table and chairs complete with a play set of china and dolls and teddy bears occupying the [...]

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From Child Soldier to Award-Winning Musician Emmanuel Jal joins World Vision

Emmanuel Jal has an incredible story to tell and it’s one that he shares openly. Growing up in what is now South Sudan during a time of civil unrest and violence, he was forced to become a child soldier at the age of seven. Several years later he was rescued by an aid worker and smuggled to Kenya, where he was able to attend school and start to heal. A twice nominated Juno artist, actor, [...]

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Each year, on International Women’s Day, the world celebrates the enormous achievements of women while simultaneously reinvigorating advocacy for gender parity. It is a time to celebrate how far we’ve come, while looking forward with new goals in mind. While there are countless obstacles standing in the way of equality, not all of them are immediately obvious. Tackling one such issue is FINCA Canada — a partner organization of FINCA International — which seeks to [...]

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Jonathan Toews & Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities

GIVING KIDS A SPORTING CHANCE “No one should be left on the sidelines because of financial or accessibility barriers. Whether they have the opportunity to participate in sport, recreation, and play."   ALL KIDS DESERVE THE CHANCE TO PLAY. Being physically active is important not simply because of the proven health benefits: sport and play teach children valuable life skills, cultivate independence and self-esteem, and provide a platform to make friends. Participation helps kids develop [...]

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Every Child Deserves a Family

 Every Child Deserves a Family Nia Vardalos and the Adoption Council of Canada   By Laura Eggertson The love of family inspired Nia Vardalos to write the screenplay for her break-out film, My Big Fat Greek Wedding — and forming a family through adoption led to her volunteer work as an adoption advocate. Now Nia is an Adoption Champion for the Adoption Council of Canada and a spokesperson for National Adoption Day in [...]

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NO LAUGHING MATTER: Amy Poehler and Worldwide Orphans Foundation

NO LAUGHING MATTER Amy Poehler and Worldwide Orphans Foundation Over the years, actress and comedian Amy Poehler has certainly worn many hats. Beyond her hilarious on-screen performances, Amy has delighted fans as a writer, director, even as a DJ. While much of her professional career has focused on comedy, her commitment to her personal passion, philanthropy, is no laughing matter. Much like her character, Leslie Knope, in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, [...]

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Give The Gift Of Hearing – Bryan Adams & Hear The World Foundation

Give The Gift Of Hearing - Bryan Adams & Hear The World Foundation Photo Credit: Hear the World Foundation, Copyright by Bryan Adams For more than three decades Canadian singer and songwriter Bryan Adams has entertained rock fans around the world with his energetic musical stylings. Beloved by both music lovers and critics alike, over the years Adams has garnered many accolades including 15 Grammy Award nominations, 20 Juno Awards, and three Academy Award [...]

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Lana Parrilla & FINCA Canada

Lana Parrilla & FINCA Canada Empowering Women around the World “I chose to become an ambassador for FINCA Canada because their model creates empowerment and dignity for women. They focus on giving women the financial tools they need to run a small business. These women already have the knowledge, perseverance and skills to lift their families out of poverty; they just need access to finance to reach their true potential. Their earnings [...]

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Helping Children Reclaim Their Childhood

Helping Children Reclaim Their Childhood Our Lady Peace and Matthew Good Join War Child Canada As our world becomes increasingly violent, perhaps no one suffers more than the children of war. Marginalized and vulnerable, these children face death, maiming, sexual violence and recruitment as child soldiers. To make matters worse, in the wake of conflict, many families have lost their livelihood and security, forcing them from their homes and, in many cases, [...]

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