Stratford Your Distinctive Fall Getaway

  Stratford Your Distinctive Fall Getaway There are hundreds of ways to picture yourself in Stratford. Rubbing shoulders with Canadian singers and song writers at Stratford Writers Festival. Standing amid hundreds of poppies suspended from the Gallery Stratford ceiling. Taking a selfie with Justin Bieber’s star. Sipping craft brews in a local taproom. Touring a craft dis- tillery. Honing culinary skills at Stratford Chefs School cooking classes. Outfitting your kitchen with the [...]

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Experiment with the Arts at the Toronto Fringe Festival

Experiment with the Arts at the Toronto Fringe Festival The Toronto Fringe Festival celebrates its 30th anniversary this summer. Since 1989, it has grown to be Ontario’s largest theatre festival with 160 shows at 44 venues around Toronto’s downtown core. Running for twelve days every July, it is a festival where everyone can access, discover, and experiment with the arts. This festival provides a starting point for many writers, directors, and performers. [...]

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PADDLING IN SIMCOE COUNTY…Another Reason to Visit We all know paddling is fun, great exercise and as tranquil or exciting as you choose to make it. We here in Simcoe County would like to help you push off from shore! Simcoe County hosts some of the best paddling opportunities in both Southern and Central Ontario. Whether you crave vast expanses of open water or want to explore meandering rivers, there is something [...]

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We can’t wait to see you!

We can’t wait to see you! PORT ELGIN, SOUTHAMPTON, SAUGEEN TOWNSHIP Anytime is the perfect time for Saugeen Shores, with attractions to take in, year-round events and entertainment to discover, shopping opportunities to explore, dining options to savour, various accommodations to relax at, and more. Located on the shores of Lake Huron, our scenic landscapes will captivate you while the less frantic pace will allow you the opportunity to recharge. Saugeen Shores [...]

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The Blyth Festival

The Blyth Festival Where Great Canadian Playwrights Thrive Founded in 1975, the Blyth Festival is Canada’s beacon of New Canadian Plays. With more than 200 productions to date, Blyth is renowned, across the country, as the creation house where original plays are born, and great Canadian playwrights thrive. From epic histories, to hilarious comedies, and toetapping original musicals, all shows are written by Canadians, directed and designed by Canadians, and performed by Canadians. [...]

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Taste Your Way Along Ontario’s Biggest Self-Guided Butter Tart Tour

Taste Your Way Along Ontario’s Biggest Self-Guided Butter Tart Tour With more than fifty participating bakeries from across the Kawarthas Northumberland region, there’s a tart to please just about everyone. And we won’t even ask questions about what a butter tart should contain… Raisins? Pecans? Currants? Our bakers have won awards for their unique flavours and also for the simple elegance of the quintessentially Canadian plain butter tart. Tour locations are accessible from [...]

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Celebrate Fall Harvest.

Celebrate Fall Harvest. There is nothing more colourful than a Canadian fall harvest. Here in Niagara, we celebrate by throwing the largest wine festival and street parade in the country! As Canada turned 150 in 2017, the Niagara Grape & Wine Festival celebrates 66 years! Enjoy more than 100 events including winery tours and tastings, concerts, wine seminars and fresh local flavours from Niagara culinary partners. Live entertainment, a harvest lounge and the [...]

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Guelph Jazz Festival

Guelph Jazz Festival Five days of uncommon and untethered music in the heart of a Southern Ontario city SEPTEMBER 13-17 2017 Located in its historic downtown core, the Guelph Jazz Festival, 13–17 September, features adventurous creative improvised music and related artists. Founded in 1994, the festival invites listeners to hear the world with a fresh perspective, and to celebrate music, diversity and collaboration in the community. This year’s festival will feature many renowned [...]

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Experience Canada’a Greatest Carrot Festival!

Experience Canada’a Greatest Carrot Festival! For the 7th consecutive year Carrot Fest has been awarded as a Top 100 Festival from Festival & Events Ontario. Carrot Fest will return this year on Friday, August 18 and Saturday, August 19, in downtown Bradford. The expansion of the Friday night event is new for 2017 and will highlight local businesses. What started as a small downtown market with an aim to revitalize the downtown has [...]

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