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Golden B.C. offers a year-round abundance of outdoor adventures and experiences provided by the Canadian Rockies to the north, the Columbia Mountains to the south and proximity to six national parks and two historic rivers. The combination makes Golden the perfect place from which to explore the Rockies, enjoy the outdoors, and create lasting memories. The best part about Golden is that it never feels like a tourist town. The railway brought the first settlers, [...]

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Come to your Senses in Lunenburg Region

Come to your Senses in Lunenburg Region Feel the handcrafted masterpieces of local artists. See wildlife in their natural habitat. Taste food fresh from the land and the sea. Hear the crash of waves and laughter on the shore. Lunenburg Region is the area surrounding the towns of Bridgewater, Mahone Bay and the UNESCO Town of Lunenburg on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. There is so much to see and experience — from [...]

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IT’S NOW EASIER THAN EVER TO VISIT ONE OF THE WORLD’S TOP 10 ISLANDS! Thanks to easy flight connections, Vancouver Island is just hours away. Whether you’re visiting family and friends, looking to explore, or making business connections, you’ll never run out of things to do on the island that’s rated as one of the best on the planet by the prestigious Conde Naste Traveler magazine. Wildlife, scenery, family activities, West Coast [...]

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A Canadian Beer with Spirit

A Canadian Beer with Spirit Six generations ago, the Oland family — led by matriarch Susannah Oland — began brewing and selling October brown ale on the family farm, located on the Dartmouth shore of the Halifax Harbour. What started as a small one-woman craft brewery grew with grit throughout time as the commitment to brewing quality beer passed on from generation to generation. Today we are Moosehead Breweries Limited. Led by [...]

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Immerse Yourself in the Wilderness

Immerse Yourself in the Wilderness A vast, misty, archipelago of mountainous islets engulfed by conifer forests that, when observed from high above, greatly resemble the dense mosses carpeting the ground down below. Wind, waves, and time shape this rugged landscape by eroding away imperfections, leaving only the strongest, most stunning, features to define a magical place known as Haida Gwaii. People are few and far between, but Haida culture runs deeply throughout [...]

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Indulge in Luxury and Experience Indigenous Culture in BC

Indulge in Luxury and Experience Indigenous Culture in BC With a wealth of properties situated amid pristine nature, Indigenous communities are redefining the experience of a luxury vacation in British Columbia. From oceanfront resorts on Vancouver Island to spectacular new lodgings on Haida Gwaii and jaw-dropping scenic beauties nestled against the Rockies, these accommodations boast all of the features travellers expect from a high-end escape, plus the chance to learn about the [...]

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Discover Golden’s Secrets

Discover Golden's Secrets The secret of Golden, British Columbia is beginning to reveal itself. For the uninitiated, it might be easy to mistake this small mountain town in the heart of the Canadian Rockies for just another rest stop on the Trans-Canada Highway on the way from Banff to Vancouver, but increasingly people are falling for its small-town charm, invigorating, often world-class, outdoor adventure activities, and stunning scenery. Often overlooked for its [...]

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This is Vernon

This is Vernon Anytime is the perfect time of year to travel to the friendly city of Vernon, British Columbia. Surrounded by multi-coloured lakes and snow-capped mountains, Vernon has outdoor adventure, history, culture, plenty of places to relax and recharge, and delicious surprises. Explore our endless mountain and lakeside trails, where raptors soar over ancient grasslands. Taste the flavour of our home at our boutique wineries, craft cidery, craft brewery, meadery and award-winning [...]

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Get Off The Beaten Track In Golden BC

Get Off The Beaten Track In Golden BC BY JOANNE SWEETING Surrounded by the Canadian Rockies, Selkirk and Purcell mountain ranges, the town of Golden is unpretentious, friendly, and welcoming; a real town with real people, surrounded by natural beauty. Golden is the perfect base to access the hidden gems in some of Canada’s most iconic national parks. Experience alpine lakes, waterfalls, historic sites, and stunning scenery — but without the crowds. Now [...]

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Village Of Radium Hot Springs Holiday

Village Of Radium Hot Springs Holiday We baited the kids with the promise of ice cream. Our plan was to walk the main street as a big group and for the rest of the week they associate a stroll here with treats. For the adults it is no different, and when you’re on holidays, hey, that’s what you do; you allow yourself to enjoy the place. Lazy coffees, on sunny outdoor patios, lead [...]

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