This is the Florida Keys Life

If you were asked to visualize your “dream destination,” what would come to mind? Sparkling waters…unspoiled beaches…breathtaking sunsets... While the definition of paradise may be elusive, for many travellers it can’t get much closer than the Florida Keys. Every year scores of visitors flock to the Florida Keys and Key West to experience a tropical paradise filled with natural wonders, unique eco-experiences and casually elegant oceanside resorts. However, upon arrival, this island chain, with [...]

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Discover Canada’s Air Force Story at the National Air Force Museum of Canada

Located on the west side of CFB Trenton, The National Air Force Museum of Canada (NAFMC) is proud to honour the heritage of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Discover an aviation history full of valour and tradition through a wide variety of exhibits, interactive activities and displays, including the fully restored World War II Halifax Bomber — the only one of its kind in the world. Our 16 acre Airpark features both historic and active [...]

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Cut Through The Red Tape!

Navigating the Complexities of a Medical Crisis Away from Home. When the unexpected occurs while you are away from home, whether in Canada or elsewhere in the world, it can be a real struggle to navigate the complexities of a medical crisis. Before you travel establish a plan! Download our APP! The Global 911 International mobile APP is FREE to download for both Android and I-phone. Just the press of a button and your “help [...]

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Everyone Needs A Will, Especially Women

Without a Will, the Government decides how YOUR estate is distributed. Have a say in who gets your assets. Did you know that women have a higher life expectancy than men? Hence, it’s essential that women ensure their financial assets last longer, are protected, well-managed and that they have a clear legacy plan. Many may also face financial challenges arising from shorter work histories if they’ve placed careers on hold to raise families or attend [...]

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Creating a Family Legacy

Arthur and Beverly* were on their second marriage, to each other. Their first marriage had ended early. However, after years had passed and the couple had grown close, Arthur proposed to Beverly (again). She accepted, and their second marriage was a fairy tale come true. Then, tragedy struck. One afternoon, Beverly collapsed on the golf course. She died five days later. Now a widower, Arthur wanted to do something to honour his wife’s legacy of [...]

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Keeping Canada Wild

The iconic Woodland Caribou has always been a symbol of Canada. It graces the back of our quarter and once roamed our boreal forest in vast numbers. But today, the future of Canada’s caribou is uncertain. Human activities have greatly impacted the intact forest the caribou call home. If something doesn’t change soon, the quarter will be the only caribou Canada has left. Since 1963, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) has been working [...]

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Every Road Leads to a New Adventure

Experience a bucket list moment when driving over the eight mile long Confederation Bridge or arriving by ferry with views of our famous red jagged cliffs and stunning shorelines. From the moment you begin your drive on Prince Edward Island, you see beauty. Our highway isn't like the rest. It takes you through small towns, rural farmland, and past incredible vistas without having to take an exit. Our coastal drives are full of colour, the [...]

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More Travel Insurance Convenience with No Extra Cost

The 2006 movie The Holiday featured a novel new travel idea. Two young women looking to escape for the holiday season go online and arrange to “swap” homes for a couple of weeks. If you watched the movie back then, you may have thought that letting a perfect stranger vacation in your home was unusual. But fast track to 2019, and the entire travel landscape has changed. Now AirBNB has 4 million vacation home listings [...]

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Your Vacation Begins with the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry

What if the road less travelled wasn’t a road at all. Take the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry to Manitoulin and reconnect with untouched Canadian landscapes, gorgeous open water, rich First Nations culture and a place where legends were born. M.S. Chi-Cheemaun is a passenger and vehicle ferry, capable of transporting 600 people and over 140 vehicles in one trip. Offering daily crossings from May to October, the Chi-Cheemaun can be your gateway to beautiful Northern Ontario as [...]

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Kincardine Will Enchant You

Find yourself on the sandy shoreline of Lake Huron, being captivated by the tranquil yet haunting sounds of the bagpipes as the Phantom Piper plays his lament whilst taking in the most breathtaking of sunsets you could possibly envision. Renowned as Ontario’s Scottish Destination, the Phantom Piper won’t be the only time you encounter bagpipes in Kincardine, Ontario — and that’s a promise!  And although we wear our tartans proudly, we offer so much more [...]

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