Be Fearless – Move from Good to GREAT!

Live on the Beach! Have you ever really explored what it would take to move your life from GOOD to GREAT? To be FEARLESS and step into your next level? My personal journey has been just this! I was a Registered Massage Therapist and teaching at the college level, believing I was doing all the right things. Making great money, I still lacked two things — I was on the verge of [...]

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We’re On Your Side

We're On Your Side What if...the products and services you need and rely on every day — your cellphone, internet, heat and electricity, air travel — were all fairly priced, worked well and sold honestly? What if any problems you had were quickly resolved to your satisfaction? Can this ever be reality? We are the Public Interest Advocacy Centre and we fight for that. The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) is a [...]

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My Top 10 Travel Stories and Books for the Armchair Traveller

My Top 10 Travel Stories and Books for the Armchair Traveller Written by: Brandon Sousa If I could, I’d always been travelling and never stop. But since I have yet to win that coveted lottery jackpot, I like to get my taste through the stories of others. Sometimes it’s fiction, other times it’s a travel memoir, or even a collection of short-stories; here’s a few of my favourite pages that took me on a journey [...]

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You’re only five minutes away from a tasty Super Bowl spread

You’re only five minutes away from a tasty Super Bowl spread Written by: Felicia Mangiardi It’s the Super Bowl weekend! What are your plans? Going to a Super Bowl party or hosting one? Are you actually watching the game or just tuning in for Justin Timberlake's half time show as he brings “Sexy Back”? Don’t know what to make or bring. Don’t worry: We have you covered. Photo Credit: Taylor Stinson [...]

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8 Easy Tips To Save For Your Dream Vacation in 2018

8 Easy Tips To Save For Your Dream Vacation in 2018 Written by: Jessica Kuepfer January is over halfway through and it is around this time that New Year’s resolutions are abandoned. While we completely understand that getting up before the sun to get to the gym or keeping your diet perfectly healthy can be difficult to stick to, we have some easy steps to make sure that your resolution to travel [...]

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The 5 Best Winter Weekend Escapes in Ontario

Written by Brandon Sousa Buried under all that snow, across the province of Ontario, are a collection of winter-perfect accommodations that feature incredible dining and exciting outdoor activities. Packing for these winter escapes can be challenging. Winter boots. Check. Favourite sweater. Check. Winter parka. Check! I highly recommend Helly Hansen’s winter gear. With a versatile collection, they have you covered for every winter activity you can think of. I put [...]

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A Guys’ Getaway to Syracuse, NY

A Guys’ Getaway to Syracuse, NY Written by: Brandon Sousa Time and time again, I hear tales around the table about guys’ weekends in Vegas or Miami, but I’ve never been one to fall in line with the trend. So I started to think of a road trip option that could lend itself well to a “Dude Destination” and landed on Syracuse, New York. Surprised? Keep reading to find out why. [...]

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Perfect Vegan Recipes and Wine Pairings For The Holiday Season

Written by: Felicia Mangiardi Picture credit here Tis’ the season for crowded parking lots, long lines, last minute shopping, baking, cooking and feasting! Of course, the best part of the holiday season is celebrating with family and friends around a delicious looking dinner table. Gift shopping can be stressful but dinner doesn’t have to be! We had the amazing opportunity to speak to Alex, an Advanced Sommelier, and Priya a passionate vegan [...]

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Take These Perfect Holiday Appetizers to Your Next Holiday Party

Take These Perfect Holiday Appetizers to Your Next Holiday Party Written by: Jessica Kuepfer Recently, Groupon did a study on holiday stress and they uncovered that the peak day for holiday stress is December 18th. Shortened days, increased travel and endless holiday parties can be a headache on their own, never mind adding them together. We have taken the stress out of your next holiday party with a list of perfect appetizers [...]

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Tips For Travelling Around The Holidays

Tips For Travelling Around The Holidays Written by: Felicia Mangiardi It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s also the most busiest especially for those who are travelling.  Here are some tips to help make your holiday travels go as smooth as possible. Pack light   Pack as light as you can, bring a carry on and an extra empty luggage (for all the gifts you will be [...]

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