A shooting in Netherlands has claimed several victims. Canada has issued a travel advisory for Canadians travelling to the Netherlands over terrorist threats. If you are travelling to the Netherlands the Canadian Government is warning you to exercise a high degree of caution. The travel advisory was issued after a shooting took place in Utrecht that took several lives. The city is located approximately 40km outside of Amsterdam and is easily accessible via train. If [...]

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Top 6 Fountains of the world!

Written by Felicia Mangiardi There is something so beautiful about water fountains! There is definitely a magical sentiment of making a wish and tossing your coin into the fountain as you watch the water flow through and admire the wonderful structure. Construction is underway for new water fountains around the world but here are the top 5 water fountains around the world. Trevi Fountain This is one of the most recognizable fountains around the world. [...]

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You Can Float Down This 7km Natural Lazy River in BC This Summer!

  Are the winter blues taking a toll on you? Just hang in there! Summer will be here soon! Change up your summer routine of beaches, tanning and mojitos with something just as exciting! You can now float down a lazy river in BC! The beautiful spot is in the Okanagan Valley. You can bring your own floaty or rent one from Coyote Cruises and enjoy a stress-free day floating down the 7km Penticton [...]

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Bit by the Travel Bug

While it’s common for travellers to experience foreign creatures and wildlife in exotic places, it’s much less common to come into contact with these while in your home turf, let alone your plane ride home. For Calgary student, Quin Maltais, this rarity became reality after realizing a scorpion had stung her during her Air Transat flight from Toronto. On February 26th, Maltais was on her flight back to Calgary when moments before landing, she felt [...]

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TCL has been making TVs for over 35 years and is the 3rd largest TV manufacturer in the world. TCL is also one of only three TV manufacturers in the world that is vertically integrated, which means they manufacture everything that goes into the TV. This allows TCL to maintain complete control over the manufacturing process and enables the brand to deliver high-quality products that are both reliable and competitively priced. TCL is committed to [...]

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Creating a Family Legacy

Arthur and Beverly* were on their second marriage, to each other. Their first marriage had ended early. However, after years had passed and the couple had grown close, Arthur proposed to Beverly (again). She accepted, and their second marriage was a fairy tale come true. Then, tragedy struck. One afternoon, Beverly collapsed on the golf course. She died five days later. Now a widower, Arthur wanted to do something to honour his wife’s legacy of generosity. [...]

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March is Nutrition Month and across the country dietitians are helping Canadians Unlock the Potential of Food by sharing how food not only nourishes, but also fuels active lives, inspires children, helps heal, prevents chronic diseases – and most importantly — brings people together.   Here are five dietitian-recommended ways to Unlock the Potential of Food: Potential to fuel: Use our recipe ideas and smart tips to stay energized by planning nutritious snacks and meals [...]

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Our societies and economies are intricately linked to our forests. They stabilize our climate, provide food, water and medicine, as well as support much of the world’s biodiversity. In Canadian cities, forest cover has been declining for more than two decades. With over 82% of the population now living in urban centres, it has become increasingly important to recognize the benefits trees provide us. Trees help us live longer and healthier lives, reducing stress and [...]

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Emma’s Magical Wish

Emma loves the beach, the playground, and dancing but most of all, Emma loves everything princess. Rapunzel is Emma’s favourite because Rapunzel has something Emma hasn’t had a chance to have yet...long hair. She was only 17 months old when the mass in her abdomen was diagnosed as Stage IV Wilms Tumour, a rare kidney cancer that had metastasized to her lungs. She immediately began 6 months of treatment which included surgery, chemotherapy, blood transfusions, [...]

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Local March Break Adventures

March break is quickly approaching and its time to make some fun family plans! Even if you are not jetting to a far-off tropical location for your break, we think you deserve to have an awesome stay-cation right here in Ontario. Here are a few of our local favourites for you to enjoy! Niagara Falls Although it might still be a tad chilly out for a walk around the falls, there are plenty of indoor [...]

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