Local Way To Eat Gourmet

Local Way To Eat Gourmet Mary Marino, Jo Anne Elsbury and Marlow Italiano are three ladies who had a vision of changing the way people eat, one sauce at a time. Introducing La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces Inc-a locally sourced artisan made gourmet sauce company. Jo Anne, Mary and Marlow are three best friends that started this company with a vision to make big waves with the on-trend market of vegans, vegetarians and [...]

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Experience A Taste Of Summer

Experience A Taste Of Summer Cabana Coast is a new line of small batch premium cocktails handcrafted for superior sipping. Launched by Toronto based Iconic Brewing Company, Cabana Coast was touted by the Toronto Star as “definitely one of the best canned cocktails on the market.” There are currently two distinctly delicious cocktails available in the LCBO: The Moscow Mule and The Vodka Greyhound. The Moscow Mule is credited with popularizing vodka in North [...]

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Sensible Energy Alternatives

Sensible Energy Alternatives Glenergy has been in the solar business for 16 years, and was an early pioneer in the application of white LEDs paired with solar power to provide lighting solutions in Africa and elsewhere in the developing world. In Canada, we sell solar systems and many other items that are useful for those living on-grid and off-grid. Our systems range from basic lighting systems to complex systems providing home-like electricity. Our [...]

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Elizabeth Interiors – Fine Furniture for the Discriminating Buyer

Elizabeth Interiors - Fine Furniture for the Discriminating Buyer The measure of the success of any furniture showroom and interior decorating business is the creativity of its management, buyers and designers, along with their dedication to customer satisfaction and the breadth and diversity of its product line. By these standards, Elizabeth Interiors, in Burlington, Ontario, is an outstanding leader in its field. Under the inspired ownership of long-time Burlington resident Elizabeth Law, Elizabeth Interiors [...]

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New Zealand Pure Lager

New Zealand Pure Lager NZ Pure won a Gold Medal in the Canadian International Beer Awards. Have you ever tried a Beer from New Zealand? In May 2017 NZ Pure Lager became available for the first time in Ontario, at The Beer Store’s self-serve locations. Crafted using 100% New Zealand grain, hops, yeast and water the award-winning lager delivers a pure refreshment like no other. It’s the Nelson Wakatu Hops that make this [...]

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What’s Your Next Adventure?

What’s Your Next Adventure? Wee Woollies was born out of the desire to create fashionable, functional apparel for little adventurers. Inspired while travelling with their first daughter in New Zealand, where the world’s finest Merino wool is produced, founders Cindy and Filip discovered something they could bring to the children’s wear market in Canada; perfectly suited for the range of climate conditions from coast to coast. Outdoor enthusiasts and big fans of Merino themselves, [...]

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Bee Is For Biodiversity

Bee Is For Biodiversity For over 20 years Niagara Beeway has been dedicated to protecting native flora and fauna by restoring and creating native habitats, monitoring and studying local ecological systems and developing practices to promote biodiversity of native species. In addition, Niagara Beeway exchanges ideas, information and practices to enhance appreciation of Niagara’s beautiful ecosystem. This important work wouldn’t be possible without the help of the Niagara community. Not only is Niagara [...]

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Six New Looks to Inspire Your Outdoor Entertaining

Six New Looks to Inspire Your Outdoor Entertaining Kitchen Stuff Plus is ready to help Canadians everywhere embrace outdoor entertaining, expand their living areas into the outdoors and really take advantage of summer while it lasts. Making the most of the season is something their customers struggle with every year, so Kitchen Stuff Plus wanted to deliver solutions to help Canadians enjoy their outdoor spaces, and provide easy ways to bring personal style [...]

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Elliot Lake Retirement Living

Elliot Lake Retirement Living An incredible place…an exceptional price! Elliot Lake Retirement Living offers a wide variety of apartments starting from $508/month, townhomes from $650/month or homes from $720/month. You never have to worry about costly home maintenance or grass cutting because it is all taken care of for you. Located half way between Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie, the City of Elliot Lake is nestled among the ancient hills of the pre-Cambrian [...]

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Elder Abuse It’s Not Right

Elder Abuse It’s Not Right Elder abuse, whether physical, emotional, sexual, financial or neglect, can affect anyone regardless of socio-economic background, health status or cultural heritage. Every case is different, but each has the potential to have a devastating impact on individuals, carrying significant personal, social, and economic implications for victims, families and the broader community. The need to address the complexity of issues of elder abuse and neglect by those whom seniors should [...]

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