What Makes A Body Beautiful?

WHAT MAKES A BODY BEAUTIFUL ? Do you feel it? Change is in the air. The body positivity movement is making waves and helping people of all shapes and sizes celebrate their beauty. Feeling confident fully clothed is one thing, but feeling good half naked is another. Thankfully our friends at Swimco are facing this challenge head on, striving to bring back confidence one body at a time. From The Ground Up [...]

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Great Last Minute Gift This Holiday

PROUDLY CANADIAN - CANUCK CUTTING BOARDS Canuck Cutting Boards may be a newer company but the woodworking bloodline runs deep. Owner and founder, Jeremy Eagen, was born and raised in North Buxton, Ontario where he grew up watching his father and uncle work in their successful woodworking company, Bradonna Woodwork Inc. It wasn’t long before he himself started working at Bradonna, which ignited a genuine passion for business in Jeremy. This passion even [...]

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The World’s Fair At Rockton

The World’s Fair At Rockton After the big event, host Andrew Kernighan (1820–1913) and a group of newspaper men reminisced about the successful 1878 Fair, all agreeing that there was no finer a fair in the province of Ontario. Jokingly, Jane Kernighan (1837-1920) said it should be called the World’s Fair since all the world comes to visit. The newspaper editors and journalists agreed and the next day each of the newspapers titled [...]

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Our Story By Adrian Jaques

Our Story By Adrian Jaques Here at Sunshine Farms, we are all about good old fashioned Pickles, and honest sustainable farming. We guarantee a wholesome All- Canadian product, homegrown and produced straight from our fields or our neighbours’. We guarantee a fresh local and naturally delicious experience with every product. Growing asparagus since 1982, the Jaques family farm began with the creativity of my mother Claudia’s recipe for pickled asparagus. Our whole family [...]

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Turkey Dinner Dressed To Perfection!

Turkey Dinner Dressed To Perfection! The Great Gobbler is making your turkey dinner as easy as pie (all year round!) Do you dread the holidays when it’s your turn to host your family dinner? Do you have 30 guests to feed and zero time to shop, letalone cook? Do you keep take-out menus in your kitchen drawers and your winter clothes in your oven? Believe it or not, you too can look like [...]

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Maple Butter Tart Ale Promises to be the Must-Try Beer of the Season

Maple Butter Tart Ale Promises to be the Must-Try Beer of the Season Your exploration of craft beer will not be complete without a taste of the very unique, and sinfully delicious, Maple Butter Tart Ale. Brewed by Sawdust City Brewing Co. the idea for this flavoured beer was the brainchild from the town of Midland, home to “Ontario’s Best Butter Tart Festival.” Midland’s idea was selected as the winning beer proposal out [...]

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Motion Sickness 101

Motion Sickness 101 WHY IT’S SO DEVASTATING When it hits, motion sickness is upsetting for you and your loved ones, disrupting events, your travel plans and dreams. Dealing with symptoms like nausea, dizziness, vomiting or headache can be personally embarrassing and worrisome for those travelling with you. WHAT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING Motion sickness is a common occurrence for many people during travel. The continuous, slow and prolonged motion on boats and in vehicles increases [...]

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Home Watch Is Your Eyes And Ears

Home Watch Is Your Eyes And Ears When leaving your home unattended, there are many things that can go wrong. Vandalism, pest infestations, wind storms, and flooding, are just a handful of incidents that can cause extensive initial damage, as well as lead to conditions that are likely to get much worse if no one is there to respond in a timely fashion. Luckily, Toronto Home Watch is there to provide you with [...]

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Ignite Your Imagination

Ignite Your Imagination Where can you make a circuit, create a critter and spin a giant climbable web? The Ontario Science Centre of course! There are few things more powerful than creating something — especially when that something is a product of your own imagination. The Ontario Science Centre’s new hands-on learning space, Inventorium, encourages visitors o express their creativity and demonstrate their ingenuity by providing them with an opportunity to bring their [...]

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McMichael’s Canada 150 Season

McMichael’s Canada 150 Season The McMichael Canadian Art Collection is celebrating Canada 150 all summer long with special exhibitions and concerts that capture the spirit of Canada and its artists. Plus: Explore the gallery’s spectacular grounds, Sculpture Garden, and hiking trails. WHAT’S ON PASSION OVER REASON: TOM THOMSON AND JOYCE WIELAND: On until November 19, 2017 A love letter to Tom Thomson and Canada, this exhibition takes a critical approach to our fascination [...]

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