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A Feast for the Eyes

Canadian chef Jared Fossen is at the helm of a new pop-up restaurant on the edge of the Arctic BY JESSICA FINN & BRANDI HAYBERG Few Canadian chefs can boast a career spanning as many [...]

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Eat Your Way Through Manitoba

Eat Your Way Through Manitoba with Winnipeg leading the charge on the culinary landscape, Manitoba’s food scene is heating up In the last five years, Manitoba has really come into its own as [...]

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Catch Of A Lifetime

Catch Of A Lifetime - Make It Happen In Canada Sun-kissed skies reflect off the cool, clear lake surrounded by lush green forests. The serenity of the moment is broken only by the tug on [...]

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Tourism Westman

Southwest Manitoba Visit beautiful and peaceful Southwestern Manitoba where you’ll be amazed by all the wonderful scenery and unspoiled natural areas that are intertwined well with cultured communities [...]

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Manitoba Take a trip to another world There is a place in the northern region of Manitoba that will make you feel like you’re on another planet. Exploring [...]

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