We live in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, a place with soil so rich it grows dreams and possibilities. Our ancestors knew it when they settled here and we know it too. The four seasons have come and gone for generations, creating a quilt of crops as far as the eye can see.

The taste of our home is unmistakable: from peaches-and-cream to succulent strawberries, maple syrup on snow to honey o the comb, from hoppy beer to fine wine, from wild venison to big bass. Our table is set with goodness. We know the sounds of our home, too the buzz of the cicadas, the whir of the fishing reel, the tick-tick-tick of the sprinklers on the fields, the cheep of the chickadees, the call of the bagpipes.

Our people are good stock, rooted in tradition. We are artists and bakers, farmers and builders, musicians and makers. We have hands for work, heads for business, and hearts for others.

When you visit, you’ll find open minds, open roads, and open skies at every turn. So come to our fairs, pick from our fields, race down our rivers, play on fairways, cycle our roads, learn from our stories.

Get in on the magic. Connect with us: whereontariobegan.ca, tourism@sdgcounties.ca or 613-932-1515/ 1-800-267-7158.