By: Brandon Sousa

Miura ice coffee

Calm. Still. Nothing but a gentle breeze in the air, running through the tree branches through the lands around the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple in Japan.

For me, it was 2013 but I can still remember my trip to Japan with such specific detail it’s like I was just there.

And as I tried this new Japanese-style ice coffee called MIURA, all those memories came rushing back to me.

MIURA is a flash-chilled Japanese-style ice coffee in a convenient, sleek and well-designed can with smooth notes of vanilla and caramel. MIURA is brewed hot, then rapidly chilled to lock in all the released flavours and aromatics, leaving a bold and complex taste reminiscent of Japan.

MIURA is sugar-free and dairy-free which means you get a pure coffee as soon as you crack open the can. I don’t normally drink black coffee, but MIURA has found a way to brew something so balanced that there’s never a bitter finish.

The history behind MIURA starts with founder Adam Lewis who was searching for the perfect recipe for cold coffee. After following a recipe to make traditional Japanese Iced Coffee for the first time, he was blown away and said one taste immediately made him feel like a connoisseur, picking up on distinct and delicious tasting notes.

The portability and accessibility of MIURA, in canned form at your local grocer, was Lewis’ way of making Japanese iced coffee available to every coffee drinker, who are usually on the go.

Looking to escape to Japan with just one sip? Try MIURA.