Find yourself on the sandy shoreline of Lake Huron, being captivated by the tranquil yet haunting sounds of the bagpipes as the Phantom Piper plays his lament whilst taking in the most breathtaking of sunsets you could possibly envision. Renowned as Ontario’s Scottish Destination, the Phantom Piper won’t be the only time you encounter bagpipes in Kincardine, Ontario — and that’s a promise!  And although we wear our tartans proudly, we offer so much more to visitors and residents alike and can’t wait for you to experience it all.

Idyllic surroundings, a captivating lifestyle, and festive events (and more) have all amused and beguiled residents and visitors of Kincardine for generations. You’ll be treated to spectacular vistas of beautiful shoreline, scenic boardwalks, a lakeside shopping district, multi-use trail system, four area golf courses, and arts and culture offerings to name a few.

Named one of Canada’s Top 9 Surf Destinations, you’ll undoubtedly be privy to some amazing athletics.  Paddleboard, short and long board and kite-surfing — we have a wave for all! Local equipment rentals are available.

We encourage you to check us out online or visit us through our social media channels (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter), @visitkincardine, to discover additional hidden treasures and adventures. Reach out if you have a question or five of them!  We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact: Kincardine Tourism .Toll Free