Peter’s Players is one of a kind. Revered equally by patrons and artists, it is not simply unique to Muskoka, it is unique to the live music business. Repurposed from an automotive garage, it is now a cozy, 100 seat, acoustically perfect, licensed entertainment venue and 4 suite inn.

Owners Peter and Michelle Swanek have been bringing talent, ranging from up-and-comers to music legends to Gravenhurst for eleven years. From Johnny Winter and Jim Cuddy to Jesse Cook and everything in between, all genres are featured. Headliners aside, relatively unknown artists make magic happen for appreciative audiences. The Swaneks are incredibly well connected in the music business and stay current with local, national and international acts.

“Great Shows….Always” is not just their marketing pitch; it is their mission, fueled by passion. What makes a night at Peter’s Players special is the connection between the artists and the audience. You are part of the band and they are part of the audience. The vibe is difficult to describe and always present. It is a feel good place. Music may be the reason you will attend for the first time, it will be the music and the vibe that will have you coming back for more. After attending your first show you’ll undoubtedly say what most first timers say, “Why haven’t I been here before.”