Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls is not just another tourist attraction… Imagine travelling back in time in search of a legendary Lost Kingdom of Birds.This incredible experience begins at the mysterious Old Museum where you will meet an Egyptian Pharoah. Next discover the Encounters Base Camp. Meet Dundee the laughing Kookaburra and his many friends, colourful parrots and other amazing animals. Here you will learn about these beautiful creatures and even hold them if you like. Some may even talk to you.

Your journey then continues upward to the home of the most beautiful tiny birds. Watch and listen as they fly about carefree, tweeting their songs in their own aviary.

Next, into the darkness you will go where creatures of the night await you. Mysterious owls, bats, skunks, and even a giant spider!

But then, at last…The Lost Kingdom! You will discover a paradise, where exotic colourful birds fly freely in the multi-level rainforest. Wander on the pathways that begin at the highest level, taking you through ancient ruins and behind magnificent
waterfalls as you descend to the jungle floor. While exploring your way through the rainforest, stop and visit with the Rainbow Lorikeets at Lorikeet Landing where you can hold and feed these playful birds — an unforgettable experience.

BUT THERE IS MORE TO SEE. Within this magnificent Kingdom you can discover the rare Javanese Temple circa 1800s, the only one of its kind in all of North America. This architectural masterpiece is entirely hand carved in solid teak and was incredibly constructed without nails!

The museum’s most famous resident was Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses I. The Pharaoh received a royal welcome when he was sent back to Egypt in 2003. He had spent almost 150 years in Niagara Falls, including 40 years in this building.

Wheelchair accessible and just a 5 minute walk to the falls, Bird Kingdom is an adventure that cannot be missed, fun for all ages, and proudly included in the Trip Advisor Hall of Fame!