While it’s common for travellers to experience foreign creatures and wildlife in exotic places, it’s much less common to come into contact with these while in your home turf, let alone your plane ride home. For Calgary student, Quin Maltais, this rarity became reality after realizing a scorpion had stung her during her Air Transat flight from Toronto.

On February 26th, Maltais was on her flight back to Calgary when moments before landing, she felt a “fluttering sensation” on her lower back. At first she ignored it thinking it was the air from above her seat, but quickly changed her mind after feeling a piercing pain.

Due to landing, she was forced to wait to see what the problem was. Maltais told CBC, “The lights turned on, I looked into the ball of bundled sweater that I had but nothing was there. I looked behind me on the seat and then I saw movement and there was a scorpion that was in the fold toward the back of the chair.”

After expressing her concern to the flight attendant, they disregarded it as a gum wrapper until she looked again and saw the scorpion tucked in-between the fold of the seat.

Paramedics arrived quickly on scene to attend to Maltais, who fortunately was unharmed, but quite shook from the occurrence. Air Transat confirmed that the scorpion had been captured, and that their teams had taken proper protocols to ensure the aircraft had been inspected and gone through the extermination process.

As for whether Maltais will travel again, “Not so keen to go on a plane for a while, but definitely will not stop travelling. I definitely will check under my seat.”