From the time, you contact us to the time your stairlift is installed, Stannah treats you like family. We are committed to quality engineering, craftmanship, safety and reliability. Having you, our customers, safely navigating the stairs in the home you love remains our primary focus.

What are the safety features?

We’re very proud to provide a smooth safe ride with features like our state of the art obstruction detection sensors and our specialized post-in-hole seat belts which are easy to fasten for any level of dexterity. We also have a three-phased testing methodology through our design, manufacturing, and installation processes, guaranteeing an unparalleled standard of safety.

What is Stannah’s commitment to quality?

Built on 150 years of quality craftmanship, Stannah stairlifts are very reliable. Our advisors always take the time and care to answer all your questions, understand your requirements, and identify what is most important to you. Our online reviews confirm that Stannah customers

are happy and very satisfied. We provide stairlifts that exceed your expectations.

Is there a Stannah for my home?

A Stannah stairlift can fit any straight, curved, or narrow staircase. We take care to provide you and your loved ones with the most professional, courteous and dedicated installers. We stand by our stairlifts reliability with an extended guarantee and industry leading warranty.

Stannah is the world leader in stairlifts with over 700,000 installed around the globe helping people remain independent and in their home. Contact us for a free in-home consultation.