Fitness trends are on the rise with studios popping up all over the GTA. The standard box gym, while still popular, is receiving some fierce competition from private, small studios that are offering unique fitness classes or more personalized training programs. There are quite a few that have seen a significant draw lately that we would love to share with you. Check these out!

  • Calisthenics:

Calisthenics and gymnastics based workouts are becoming popular as an enhancement to anyone’s fitness journey, incorporating mobility and bodyweight movements. Located in Mississauga, Project RISE has grown to offer industry-leading calisthenics classes from talented and supportive instructors and offers an inclusive family and community environment. Test your body with skills like planche, L-sit, muscle-ups, and more! Their facility also offers one-on-one personal training and a variety of other classes.

  • Circus Lessons

After seeing shows like Cirque Du Soleil, we can get inspired to work our way up to the strength and courage to sail through the sky on aerial silks. Luckily, the Toronto School of Circus Arts offers such classes to properly train you for such an experience. With industry professionals, they offer adult and youth classes for silks, acrobatics and trapeze. These classes definitely test your boundaries offering a unique option to your regular fitness routine.

  • Trampoline Classes

Returning to our care-free youth tumbling on the trampoline, this offers an incredible cardio routine to add to your current workout program. Sky Zone currently offers a program called SkyFit that is an hour of fitness “disguised as fun”. This class burns up to 1000 calories and leaves your with that oh-so-good muscle burn in your arms, legs and core.

  • Specialty Yoga

Just opening up this past December, Surfset Fitness in Toronto is the only studio in the GTA that offers this extraordinary form of Yoga. Their balance class challenges your flexibility, core strength, stability and body control, all while experiencing the feeling of doing this workout on a surfboard, catching the waves. Surfset Fitness also offers a high intensity cardio class, bodyweight, strengthening class and a total body combo class.

If you would like another option from your regular yoga routine, try aerial yoga at The Flying Yogi. Completing your practice from hanging silks, this workout offers a more supportive yoga practice through suspension, inversion and aerial movements, while still leaving your practice feeling relaxed and balanced.

  • Boxing

This is not your standard cardio kickbox. This is boxing, TRX, sparring, core and boot camps, all in one place. BOLO (Bodylove) has classes designed to be fun, challenging and interesting. With one heated studio and one regular temperature room, you can switch up your routine with different classes targeted to each room. Keep it simple with HIIT or Bootcamp classes, or challenge yourself by learning to spar with Canadian boxing champ, Mario Lechowski!

  • Circuit Training

While there are many types of circuit training classes out there, one of the most interesting is through Orangetheory Fitness. This is a science based, technology-tracked workout designed to push you harder and give you the best results. While wearing a heart monitor, it tracks ‘zones’ based on your exertion during the workout, whether it be through cardio or weights. Smaller classes sizes also allow for the instructor to have more one-on-one time to assist and coach you.

  • Mermaid Swimming

Originally designed to be a fun lesson for parties, Aqua Mermaid has now made mermaid swimming a fitness routine for many. This unique workout offers the benefits of swimming, and the fun of flipping with your fins! Instructors take you through a few basic swimming fundamentals to prepare you for swimming with the fins, and then start to join in more advanced skills once the fin is on.