So you’ve purchased your travel medical insurance to protect you from unforeseen medical bills while you’re away. But what about the money you spent on airline tickets, hotel accommodations or even planned excursions? Protect your vacation from any last-minute covered risks.

You may already have supplementary travel insurance through a credit card or as an employee travel insurance benefit. If you do, make sure it includes Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance.

If it doesn’t, you can buy this type of coverage separately. With Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance, you’ve taken the right steps to protect your vacation.


Trip Cancellation coverage can protect you against paying for a vacation twice

What do you do if you’ve booked your trip and something happens to prevent you from travelling? You might not get your money back if you need to cancel your trip.

Trip Cancellation insurance covers things like:

• You or a family member gets ill and you can’t travel
• You’re called for jury duty
• You lose your job
• There’s a new travel advisory
• A travel supplier you’ve bought from goes out of business


Trip Interruption coverage protects you even after you’ve left home

Caught in traffic due to road closures and missed your flight? Or maybe unpredictable bad weather made you miss a connection. Hopefully family members are safe and sound back at home, but if there is a medical emergency, you might need to get home immediately.

Trip Interruption insurance covers things like: • A return flight home due to a family
• Food and lodging for an involuntary
schedule change • Return of vehicle

We want to ensure you have the right coverage
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