Vacation time is all about relaxing. Preparing your home for your winter getaway doesn’t take long and lets you enjoy your holiday. We’ve asked the home experts at Setter to share their home preparation tips so that your holiday isn’t spoiled by any unexpected surprises.


1. Protect Your Home from Break-ins

Besides an alarm system, the next best way to protect your home from break-ins is to make sure it looks lived-in. Here are four simple tips:

  • Set programmable digital timers to turn on lights
  • Put your mail on hold or ask the neighbours to pick it up
  • Install outdoor video cameras and motion activated flood lights
  • Arrange for your driveway and walkways to be shoveled


2. Save Your Home from Potential Hazards

Take precautionary measures by safeguarding your home against potential safety hazards that could go awry while you’re away:
• Unplug any unnecessary electrical equipment
• Leave the heat running so your pipes don’t freeze

• Shut off the water main lines to prevent water damage from pipe breaks


3. Check Your Home Insurance Policy

Many insurance policies have clauses that will void claims if your property is left unoccupied and unattended for extended periods. Reach out to your insurance company and find out what your coverage is. Ask family, friends or neighbours to check your home periodically.

If you’re looking for a guaranteed stress-free holiday, Setter offers a full vacation service package, from pre-vacation home check-ups to vacation monitoring and snow shovelling.