Our Struggle Continues

The Coalition of Black Trade Unionists Canada, and the Ontario Federation of Labour are celebrating African Liberation and Black History Month by launching a new series: Legacies of Labour and Community Activism.

The Legacies series honours the historical achievements of African Canadians and features the ongoing contributions of activists in the Black community.

Generations of justice activists like June Veecock, Sandy Hudson and Bromley Armstrong are recognized for their unwavering commitment to end anti-Black racism, Islamophobia, and racial inequality in all its forms.

Their struggle to end racist policies continues today. In downtown Toronto, a Black man is 17 times more likely to be pulled over for a police street check than a white man. Racialized women earn 58 cents for every dollar earned by white men, a gap that has only been reduced by 5 cents since 2006.

The OFL and CBTU call on the government of Ontario to immediately stop the discriminatory practice of carding and to enact legislation to end racist pay practices.

For more information, please visit ofl.ca and cbtu.ca