Confederation Centre of the Arts is a national organization in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island that showcases the best in Canadian performing and visual arts experiences. Each summer, the Centre presents The Charlottetown Festival — the largest musical theatre festival in Atlantic Canada since 1965. The Festival is dedicated to creating new Canadian works and bolstering our nation’s vibrant musical theatre scene. Featuring the finest performers, designers, writers, and musicians, the professional theatre celebrates Canadian stories by exploring our origins, ideals, and ongoing evolution.

Headlining the Festival is the Island’s beloved story of a girl who came from away and changed the Island forever. Anne of Green Gables — The MusicalTM returns for its 55th consecutive summer, a testament to the global appeal of this poignant and funny story of a freckle-faced, red-haired orphan named Anne Shirley. With her fiery temper, love of melodrama and romance, and penchant for misadventure, she brings laughter, love, and more than a little consternation to the quiet Island village. In return, Anne finds the happiness and the home she has longed for all her life.

The 2019 Festival will also feature an exciting lineup of Mamma Mia!, Kronborg — The Hamlet Rock Musical, Spinning Yarns, and Atlantic Blue. Visit for more information on a season of music that will make you fall in love with PEI just like Anne.