It took 485 million years for Mother Nature to create Gros Morne National Park, a place unlike any other on earth. A UNESCO World Heritage Site covering 1,805 square kilometres, the park is a never- ending series of wonders and delights, and a demonstration of the spectacularly raw and enigmatic beauty of the physical world.

You can hike the amazing landscape along the earth’s mantle, or climb to life-changing summits. Travel along the water through fjords carved by glaciers millennia ago, leaving behind towering cliffs and thunderous waterfalls. Gros Morne National Park is the perfect backdrop for all kinds of outdoor activities, particularly hiking. Discover both marked and unmarked trails winding throughout the landscape, and explore the park’s dense forests for rare plant, animal, and bird species.

Alongside the natural wonders are highlights of a culture rich in humour and creativity. Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador has its own summer-long festival, which puts on professional, culturally rich performances in Cow Head. The town of Woody Point is an especially beautiful artistic hub within the park, and its eclectic Writers at Woody Point festival sells out every year as people flock to meet and hear writers and musicians from around the world. Trails, Tales & Tunes takes place every May in Norris Point. There are daytime walks around stunning scenery, afternoon workshops, and a wide range of entertainment and great food.

This is a place where unbeaten paths are still waiting to be explored, and natural landscapes, timeworn fishing villages, and craggy cliffs offer a momentary break from modernity. It’s here, far away from the familiar, where you’ll find some of the best travel experiences in the world.