Stretching above the 55th parallel, Nunavik is the northernmost region of Quebec. This pristine territory of over 507,000 square kilometres — bordered by Hudson Bay to the west, Hudson Strait to the north, Ungava Bay and Labrador to the east — makes up one third of the province and is almost equal to the size of France. Land of the Inuit, a friendly people of many legends, Nunavik is also the realm of the polar bear, of the great caribou migration and of prehistoric muskoxen, amongst other specimen of the fabulous Arctic wildlife. Presenting a remarkable display of truly wild tundra, taiga forest, scenic mountains, untamed rivers and countless lakes, this unspoiled region is the ideal playground for nature lovers in search of a true adventure.

While there is no wrong way to explore the unique landscapes and extraordinary wildlife of Quebec’s Far North, tour operator Inuit Adventures offers authentic experiences like no other. Inuit Adventures helps local Inuit guides host their own tour packages, providing a unique and memorable experience for travellers, while also supporting Nunavik’s indigenous communities. As a result, these tours not only immerse you in the natural and cultural heritage of their land, they offer you the rare opportunity to share in the Inuit way of life.

This July, animal lovers can set off on a week-long adventure observing Arctic wildlife on Nunavik’s Big Three: the Polar Bear, the Musk-Ox and the Caribou. This tour ventures far into this Arctic remote region, along the West coast of Ungava Bay, in search of the revered polar bear, for a chance to see this truly remarkable marine mammal in its natural habitat. If you’re lucky, you may also bear witness to large herds of migrating caribou, and see beluga whales, seals and thousands of sea birds. It is also the chance to encounter truly awesome wildlife, like the archaic musk-ox and even tundra wolves.

However, some of the most incredible views in the Arctic don’t include feather, fur or fin. The Aurora Borealis, sometimes referred to as the northern lights, is truly one of Mother Nature’s most extraordinary spectacles. From September to March, travellers can join Inuit Adventures for an unforgettable long weekend excursion discovering the Inuit community of Kuujjuaq by day and taking in the gracious Aurora Borealis by night. In addition to the majesty of the northern lights, some of the excursion highlights include unique archeological sites, a haunting performance by Inuit women throat singing and mesmerizing stories told by Inuit elders.

The Inuit of Nunavik are proud of their unique ancestral heritage and are more than happy to share their way of life with visitors keen on discovering their vibrant culture. Throughout the year, you can join Inuit Adventures on an immersive experience in the village of Kuujjuaq — a remote hub in Ungava providing the essential services to the local Inuit and to the entire population of Nunavik. The Discovering Kuujjuaq tour is a real opportunity to step out of the ordinary and spend five days ambling through this remote town, learning about the daily life of the local Inuit, and socializing with Kuujjuaq residents, including the village’s artists and elders.

The Inuit community of Puvirnituq also invites you to join them and create memories that will last a lifetime. Inuit Adventures offers a 4 day excursion in both the winter (March–April) and summer (July–August) where you can learn the living natural and cultural history of the local Inuit first-hand and partake in unique seasonal activities. Observe master carvers crafting mythical beings from blocks of stone, and then try conjuring your own creations. Help local fisherman bring in their nets from the open water, or, depending on the season, from beneath the ice. The nearly endless sunshine of summer is a time for hiking, camping, and berry picking amongst glimmering lakes set upon the wind swept tundra; the refreshingly crisp air of winter invites opportunities to travel by dog team and the chance to build — and sleep in — an igloo of your own beneath the northern lights.

No two experiences are ever the same, and at all times of the year, the warmth and hospitality of your hosts will leave you wanting to come back for more. Learn all about it at
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