Camp in a Cabin That Has Travelled More Than You

By: Brandon Sousa

Imagine travelling around the globe for 10 years, non-stop. If you were a shipping container, that would be your reality. However, at the end of your career, what’s next?

Bingemans in Kitchener, Ontario has the solution. At Bingemans Camping Experience you can pitch your own tent, park your own trailer, book a log cabin, stay in a group yurt, or do what I did and try their new Container Cabins. Their repurposed shipping containers have gone from a life of travel to a life of retirement sitting on the edge of the Grand River on the campgrounds. With 160 square feet of space, electricity, A/C, lights, mini fridge, table and chairs, you can camp in these container cabins without sacrificing the luxuries of home.

Each cabin comes with a parking space, fire pit, two bunk beds (one with a double lower) and if you’re lucky, you might score yourself one of the cabins with a rooftop patio! Don’t forget, this is still camping, so plan to bring your own bedding, towels, toiletries, food and be prepared to walk to the washroom.

Bingesman is a multi-use amusement park, campground and event centre meaning that your camping experience is complemented with amenities not found at a typical campsite. On site is a 28-lane Kingpin Bowlounge and Canada’s largest Boston Pizza, which I can attest makes a mighty fine perogy pizza. There’s also Bingemans FunworX, an indoor play land with a 3-level play structure and an all-ages Playdium Arcade. For the competitive types, you will find Flag Raiders Paintball and Hole in Fun Mini Golf. And finally, for those hot summer days, Bingemans Big Splash is the region’s largest water park with 11 water slides and a wave pool.

Throughout the year, Bingemans hosts plenty of events, although camping and cabins are only available seasonally from May 1 through to October 31. I decided to align my stay with their infamous Oktoberfest which has been going on for 50 years!

Oktoberfest is a beloved autumn tradition in Kitchener with Bingemans hosting one of the largest Bavarian festivals this side of Munich, and the largest in North America. With two tents, the Kool Haus and the Paulaner Haus, your general admission ticket gets you into both! They also host a Bingemans Bavarian Feast filled with an authentically German menu. Make note of it for next year, the Bavarian Feast is one you won’t want to miss. We’re talking German schnitzel, rolled ribs, pig tails, cabbage rolls, German beef roulade, sausages and spaetzle. Top that off with Black forest cake and a pint of Paulaner, and I left a very happy person.

I spent most of my time in the Kool Haus, where cover bands dressed in lederhosen and dirndls played traditional tunes and Top 40 hits from the past 10 years. Throughout the massive tent were bars serving various beers including local craft beer, food stalls serving traditional Bavarian snacks, axe throwing and long tables to sit with your entire group with plenty of room to prost (German for ‘cheers’).

If you can’t make it halfway across the world to Germany for the real thing, then plan a visit to Kitchener for Bingemans’ Oktoberfest in 2019.

Coming up next at Bingemans is the Gift of Lights, ( an incredible holiday experience that will put you right into the bright cheer of the season.

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