Are these the Best Travel Headphones on the Market?

Etymotih Earphone

When you’re travelling the last thing you want is to hear is a toddler screaming or the bickering couple behind you. Luckily, there are options that can make your travels less stressful. The Etymotic earphones are the world’s most accurate noise-isolating in-ear monitors and they do just that — cancel out unnecessary background sounds better than any other regular earphones.

What I enjoyed most about these earphones was the packaging and the different earbud options designed to help you optimize your comfort. The ear buds are soft and comfortable. They mould to the shape of your ear. I have really small ears, so I find they will start to hurt if I wear headphones for too long. This didn’t happen once with the Etymotic earphones.

Their earphones come in variety of series. They have earphones for kids which are engineered for safe sound. They also have HD5 safety earphones which reduces the risk of overexposure to loud noises. Their earphones are also made to fit comfortably under hats or helmets for when you’re on the job!

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