Kensington Market Street Food is bold, stylish and unique…trust us!

Street food just got more stylish and unique thanks to Kensington Market Street Food!

Toronto’s Kensington Market has always been known for its rich cultural and culinary heritage. From its unique shops to its diverse food, it has always been a hot spot in Toronto — especially for visitors from out of town!

Kensington Market Street Food has found a way to mix familiar loving flavours with a bold dynamic twist…and it just works! Not only are their food combos creative but they are absolutely delicious. My taste buds were dancing in my mouth when I got to sample some of their products, especially when I had the Sweet Hot Crunchy Pickled Cantaloupe. Prepare your palate to be shocked with the initial blast of flavour combos and than watch as you quickly find yourself going in for a second bite!

Also, who would of thought to mix Sriracha with Caesar dressing? Yea…it’s my new favourite thing! My salads definitely got way more exciting with this flavourful dressing.

To check out their unique products, like their Augusta Off The Wall Whole Bean Coffee or their Fresh & Crunchy Pickled Pineapple & Jalapeño, visit You can also find their bold colourful products in local grocery stores such as Longos, Highland Farms, Coppa’s Fresh Market and more!

What are you waiting for…be bold and try something new! You’ll thank us later!