7 Totally Different Ways To Spend Thanksgiving This Year

There is so much to be obsessed about with fall in Canada, from crunchy, colourful leaves to steaming cups of apple cider while wrapped in scarves. It is a truly beautiful time and almost makes us forget that the long, bright days of summer are behind us.

There is a reason that Thanksgiving lands in fall – it is hard not to feel grateful as you sit down with loved ones to enjoy a delicious feast, maybe in front of a crackling fire. While the comforts of home are nice, so many family Thanksgivings lack a sense of adventure. There are only so many times you can hike the same trail and play the same afternoon board games which is why we introduced the top 10 ways to add adventure to your Thanksgiving day.

  • Challenge your family to make a meal outside of the traditional turkey and dressing spread. Turkey is delicious, but there are so many different cuisines to try. Use the wide abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables and try infusing them in a Thai or Indian focused meal. Create an Italian masterpiece or try your hand at a Chinese food menu. Even better? Make it a potluck to make it a breeze to host. The options are endless and you will be grateful you aren’t eating wobbling cranberry sauce out of a can for yet another Thanksgiving Day.
  • Spice up your hike. Have you tried the same hiking trail for years now? There are so many ways to enjoy the fall leaves and it’s time to turbo charge your hike. Tie up those running shoes and seek out your local Turkey Trot and train for the 5/10 KM that you keep meaning to do. Get your entire family to join in the fun for some additional training partners and motivation. You can even create competitions to make things fun, such as, the person who comes last needs to host next year!
  • Travel. Rather than spending another Thanksgiving with a turkey coma on the couch, find a place you have never visited and go on an adventure.
  • Give back. Rather than spending the holiday on yourself, find a local soup kitchen or food drive and search out unique ways to give back to your community. We guarantee you won’t regret it.
  • Invite someone new to your Thanksgiving dinner. Have everyone in your family bring a guest. It may be awkward, it might be hilarious and will be absolutely be an adventure.
  • Movie marathon – Rather than spend the afternoon watching sports, determine a genre or series that your family has not seen (Twilight series, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc), make some popcorn and settle in for an afternoon of movies.
  • Have an evening event. Not able to host a full day? Make it a unique, candlelight dinner and make it a Thanksgiving to remember!

No matter how you spend your Thanksgiving, don’t forget to spend some time feeling grateful! It is, after all, the reason for the day!