Stratford Your Distinctive Fall Getaway

There are hundreds of ways to picture yourself in Stratford. Rubbing shoulders with Canadian singers and song writers at Stratford Writers Festival. Standing amid hundreds of poppies suspended from the Gallery Stratford ceiling. Taking a selfie with Justin Bieber’s star. Sipping craft brews in a local taproom. Touring a craft dis- tillery. Honing culinary skills at Stratford Chefs School cooking classes. Outfitting your kitchen with the latest must-haves. Selecting Canadian made fashions in boutique shops. Finding vintage and creative accesso- ries distinctive to your style. Soaking up creative talent of visual artists on the Stratford Studio Tour. Cheering dramatic excellence at a Stratford Festival standing ovation.

Come and open yourself to the unexpected. Explore Stratford “Frank N. Furter” style for uninhibited fun in fishnets and boas. Clutch your partner’s arm on ghostly candlelit night walks on the dark side. Stroll the banks of the Avon River on a magical evening Lantern Walk as hundreds of muted lantern lights fill the sky. Savour the bounty of a Canadian harvest dinner prepared by a master chef. Chat with local producers at the Sunday Slow Food Market. Catch up with friends over a hearty charcuterie board and local craft beverages. Wind down in a trendy downtown 2-level loft.

This is #StratfordAlwaysOn, just 90 minutes from Toronto. Build your unique Stratford getaway today at