Travis: The Travel Partner We Didn’t Know We Needed


By: Brandon Sousa

After a long day of travel, usually on a bumpy road, in an uncomfortable bus, there is just one thing I need to ask the owner of the closest shop. “How much for a cold beer?”

To be honest, I’ve never been a languages guy. It doesn’t matter how long I spend in a country, I can’t seem to pick up enough of the local lingo to become conversational in my adopted environment.

But then I met Travis.

It’s not a who, but a what. Travis Touch is the ultimate pocket translation that uses artificial intelligence to translate speech in real-time. It holds 105 languages in the palm of your hand. The device itself operates offline, but for the best results, connect it to WiFi for real-time accuracy. There is an option to add a SIM with 4G capabilities (not included), which can also turn the device into a mobile hotspot.

The 2.4” colour touch screen allows you to easily change your language, adjust your volume and modify your settings. The square and circle buttons on the bottom allow you to speak the languages corresponding above while conversation bubble button known as the Magic Button, allows you to select the language by voice command.

The Travis Touch is the successor of the Travis One (with only 80 languages), a handheld pocket translator of which Travis sold over 110,000 pieces worldwide. Travis Touch’s main improvements are in hardware and usability.

The real question is, does it work?

I put it to the test with my diverse group of friends and I covered a lot of different languages: Afrikaans, Arabic, Cantonese, Filipino, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. I was blown away how accurately it could pick up and understand another person’s voice and provide me with an English translation. Of course, no translator is perfect because the way we speak tends to lack proper pronunciation and annunciation. When people spoke clearly, regardless of speed, Travis was able to provide me with the English translation without a hitch. I’m definitely not leaving the house on my next trip without my Travis Touch.

The Travis Touch is available on IndieGoGo campaign at–2#/.

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