Give The Gift Of Hearing – Bryan Adams & Hear The World Foundation

Photo Credit: Hear the World Foundation, Copyright by Bryan Adams


For more than three decades Canadian singer and songwriter Bryan Adams has entertained rock fans around the world with his energetic musical stylings. Beloved by both music lovers and critics alike, over the years Adams has garnered many accolades including 15 Grammy Award nominations, 20 Juno Awards, and three Academy Award nominations. Having dedicated much of his personal and professional life to music, perhaps it’s only fitting that this superstar should also focus his philanthropic efforts to giving the gift of hearing to thousands of people around the world.

Our hearing plays an integral role in our everyday lives; it helps us navigate the world around us and communicate with the people in it. Unfortunately, this delicate sensory organ is extremely sensitive, and sometimes requires medical assistance to maintain healthy function. Without this care, many problems can occur including hearing loss. In fact, of the 466 million people who are affected by hearing loss globally, it is estimated roughly half of them could have been avoided by taking preventive measures. This is likely why 80 percent of people with hearing loss live in low- to middle-income countries — where access to audiological or medical care is limited. Children living with untreated hearing loss in these regions are particularly vulnerable. Without the ability to hear clearly, these children often have difficulty learning to speak, which reduces their chances of receiving an education and developing at an appropriate rate for their age — ultimately jeopardizing their future prospects.

To ensure everyone has the chance for good hearing, no matter where they live or how much money they have, Sonova, the leading provider of hearing solutions, formed the Hear the World foundation in 2006. Since then, the non-profit has gone on to support many projects around the world that treat people, especially children, with hearing loss and raise awareness about hearing loss prevention.

Focusing on long-term, sustainable projects, Hear the World provides the audiology gold standard to everyone they treat. They build up a stable local network of project partners and ensure they have the right training, equipment and technology to deliver the best possible care now and well into the future. Professional follow-ups also help guarantee a lasting positive impact. Where children are concerned, supplementary measures such as speech therapy and parental training are offered to help children realize their full potential and to support their language acquisition.

Over the last decade, Hear the World has rallied support from more than 100 high-profile ambassadors, such as Bruce Springsteen, Cindy Crawford, Plácido Domingo, Annie Lennox, and Sting. Perhaps the greatest ally to the non-profit though is musician Bryan Adams, who has been heavily involved with the organization almost since its inception. When Adams first got involved with the non-profit in 2006 he saw his flair for photography as an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of good hearing and the consequences of hearing loss. Taking on a huge engagement, he volunteered to use his skills to capture the organization’s celebrity ambassadors. That year he also made an exhibition with his portraits and auctioned off a share of the pictures in benefit of the Hear the World Foundation.

More than a decade later, Adams’ commitment to the non-profit is still going strong. Last year, the rock star delighted audiences with an exclusive pro bono concert at The Hear the World Charity Gala at the Dolder Grand in Switzerland. That night an auction of unique prizes helped raise over CHF 400,000 in donations — enough money to help give the gift of hearing to some 1,900 children in need. Adams also continues to photograph portraits of the non-profit’s celebrity ambassadors every year for the Hear the World calendar which raises funds to support its life-changing work.

With the help of ambassadors like Bryan Adams and donations from the public, the Hear the World Foundation has been able to provide funding, hearing aid technology and expertise to over 90 projects around the world. But there’s still a lot more to be done. Currently 32 million children across the world are affected by disabling hearing loss and most of them do not have access to hearing solutions. Donate today to help Hear the World change the lives of children in need.

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