Discover the Land of Lakes, Rocks, Trees and Cheese

Written by:  Pamela Hamel, of Foods by Nature

Let’s head to the region of Temiskaming — the land of lakes, rocks, trees and cheese. Since 1940, Thornloe Cheese Co. has been a company of distinction and story, earning a reputation for processing quality local milk into tasty poutine curds and fine cheeses. Many of its products are made by hand or using traditional methods in the farmer owned facility, roughly 600 kilometres north of Toronto and truly offers its consumers a taste of the terroir.

Thornloe’s dedication to producing cheese for a diverse ethnic Canada can be appreciated when sampling products like its iconic Devils’ Rock blue cheese — a pyramidal shaped creamy blue cheese encased in a black wax. Other taste of terroir cheeses you’ll want to try include Temiskaming. Created in honour of the region, the word itself is an Ojibway term meaning ‘deep waters,’ like the lake. Then there’s Casey, Harley, Charlton, Evanturel and Belle Valle, just to name a few more whose names represent communities with a supply of both cow and goat dairy — each is unique, offering you distinction in every bite.

Thornloe grassfed cheese and butter are readily available throughout Canada, ask for one of its varieties with your cheese monger or look for the name Thornloe in the deli case. Clean fresh tasting cheddars and mozzarella for everyday recipes and cheese board experiences. Pick up Thornloe cheeses and butter today.

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In April 2018, Thornloe Cheese Co. earned the prestigious Food in Canada award for “Community and Industry Leadership” for their work in bringing the First Verified Grassfed cheddars, mozzarella and butter to the tables of Canadians.