Beer By The People For The People 

Attend too many beer festivals and they all start to blend together: the same brewers, the same flagship IPAs, and the same small tasting glass. “There was nothing new, nothing exciting”, Toronto homebrewer Doug Appeldoorn recalled of one uninspired gathering. He thought, wouldn’t it be really cool to throw a party where homebrewers served their wildest and most wonderful small-batch creations?

That idea eventually became the People’s Pint event series, which featured the best of Toronto’s homebrew scene. Appeldoorn and partner Peter Caira, also a homebrewer, thoroughly vetted each beer’s quality before allowing it to be served. Those first sips of homemade beer challenged the long-held beliefs and opinions of the events’ attendees.

Peter and Doug have converted that concept into the brick-and-mortar People’s Pint Brewing Company, now open in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood. In addition to their regular line up of beers, they feature a variety of guest brewer and collaboration brews. They have a permanent tap devoted to pilot batches brewed by members of the GTA Brews home brew club.  The goal is to have a great variety of accessible beers along with some experimental brews, giving people a full range of styles to choose from.

Caira and Appeldoorn see the People’s Pint as more than just another brewery; it’s a community hub. “We started as homebrewers, and we want to continue to support and foster the many talented brewers in our city.”  This mission includes promoting inclusion in the beer community and making the brewery a welcome place for all.