New Historical Museum, Attractions, Events and Archaeological Excavations to Recognize the Importance of Troy as part of The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

Fourteen centuries have passed since the mythic Trojan War, and more than 10,000 years since Achilles and Hector were immortalized in the epic poem, The Illiad.

Today, more than 150 years after the famous walls arose from the pages of legend to the annals of archaeology and two decades after its historical significance was recognized on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the ‘City of Troia’ will be celebrated with “The Year of Troy.” 2018 has been declared the official year of the ancient city as part of Turkey’s support for The European Year of Cultural Heritage.

As part of “The Year of Troy,” a calendar of events will be held throughout 2018, including the International Trojan Food Festival in June and the Trojan Horse Short Film Festival in October, leading up to the opening of Troy Museum in Canakkale at the natural crossing between Asia and Europe.

Here in the Dardanelles, where the Marmara Sea meets the Aegean, is the island of Bozcaada, a landscape of pastoral fields, sweeping seaside vistas and vineyards. The fishing enclave of Behramkale shares the seafront with the Hellenistic city of Assos. In the Aegean’s north are the olive groves of Ayvalik and Mount Ida where the Gods of watched the Trojan War.

Excavations will also continue on the remains of Troia city in Çanakkale’s Hisarlik town, which was first uncovered in 1863 to reveal a series of nine cities built on top of each other dating from the Early Bronze Age to the Byzantine period (from 3000 BC–1200 AD).

Highlights of “The Year of Troy 2018” include:


At the entrance of the Troy Archaeological Site, the Troy Museum will be one of the most important contemporary archaeological museums in the world, with more than 150 exhibits selected by an international jury that highlight 5000 years of history, legend and mythology.


New tour routs will be established for travellers to visit the Troy National Park, including the Troy Culture Road. At 125 kilometres long, the ancient paths will start in Canakkale and pass through 10 villages, cultural heritage sites, and stunning views before ending at archaeological site, Alexandria Troa.


A theme park is scheduled to open in 2018 to reflect the ancient city of Troy with its historical, cultural and artistic characteristics to introduce the soul of the period. Canakkale, home to the wooden horse from the Hollywood movie, Troy, will also be home to a new visitor center to promote Troy.


Excavations that began more than 150 years ago will continue in the summer of 2018. It is hoped further investigations will unveil remains of a violent battle, providing further evidence that it is, indeed, the historical site of the Trojan War depicted in Homer’s Illiad.

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