One of The World’s Great Wine Tours, here in Niagara

Having over 30 years of experience in the Hospitality and Wine Industry, Chris Fuccillo has a passion for offering quality service. Working with Fairmont Hotels and travelling extensively around North America, Chris studied wine and perfected first-class service techniques. He was drawn back to Niagara 15 years ago at the infancy of the food and wine scene. While managing famous Niagara wineries he noticed there was a missing link in the industry.  He envisioned a professional and immersive wine country service. Chris had the foresight to see that a simple generic wine industry could evolve into a more fashionable “wine service industry”, where service would be just as important as the quality of the wines. In time he would pioneer the region’s first class service standard for wine tours.

In 2005, Chris Fuccillo and his wife, Gabriela, realized this dream and founded Niagara Vintage Wine Tours (NVWT). Utilizing their years of experience NVWT strives to not only meet, but to surpass the quality of service offered in the world’s most coveted wine regions. Chris’s passion has always been to be an ambassador of Niagara’s wine country and help present it on the world’s stage in the right forum. NVWT has done just that. Growing significantly since the early days, the Fuccillo’s have raised the bar and have set the highest standards for quality wine tours and educational experiences in Niagara. Annually new businesses trying to break into the ever growing market strive to imitate and reach the heights and expectations of excellence that NVWT is recognized for. NVWT has been a beacon for true professionalism. By raising the levels of service and standards Niagara can now entertain the savvy food and wine traveller.

Chris and Gabriela continue to represent Niagara’s wine country in the best possible light through the commitment of their amazing team. While all of the experiences include high-end transportation and rely on positive relationships with the wineries, the focus has always been on education and professional guides. NVWT guides host their guests as Wine Smart® professionals. They include certified sommeliers, wine educators, amateur winemakers and professional event planners with significant wine knowledge and experience. They are also very worldly, personable, engaging and thoroughly enjoy sharing their passion for the world of food and wine.

NVWT takes guests on more than a tour; it is a journey, a life experience. Guests will be immersed in the world of wine. It has always been and always will be about creating an experience that guests can keep with them forever, an experience of person and place!

The life that breathes in each bottle of wine

is waiting to be explored.

In your journey of seeking out rare life experiences

it is our wish and commitment to be your guide in those special moments.

Chris & Gabriela Fuccillo, Niagara Vintage Wine Tours


The Wine Smart People!