Escape. Unwind. Canada’s Prettiest Town

While the beaches and sunsets might be the lure that draws you in, once you arrive in Goderich, you might just discover that this town along Ontario’s West Coast has everything you need with the lifestyle you want. Along the sweeping vistas of the south Lake Huron shore, visitors and residents alike enjoy a high-quality life, enriched with a charming environment, extensive amenities and the bounties of nature.

Not only are you privy to the expansive parks, trails, and famous beaches but the gifts of local agriculture serve to create a vibrant weekend market within the epicentre of Goderich’s Square. Every Saturday, food producers and creators gather at Courthouse Park, amongst the majesty of the town’s heritage conservation district. The mouth-watering organic fare, bursting with flavours, colours and aromas, will be what entices you to check it out but once there, it’s the warmth of community and engagement that will keep you in the Square, indulging in the light-hearted social dynamic that is inherent to the interactions that unfold. The laughter of children and adults alike, foodies exchanging their favourite recipes and the intoxicating smells, music and comradery reawakens your senses. The Goderich BIA Farmer’s Market is one of the oldest markets in Ontario, established in 1978, way before it was the hip trend across the province. Some of the 35 plus vendors have been there year after year, bringing the sumptuous yields they’ve produced to our tables. In recent years, the popularity encouraged growth and the Makers Market section was introduced to create a venue for Huron County artisans, crafters and creators and their unique offerings. Now, it is a weekend mainstay for those fortunate enough to call themselves residents and a delicious, sociable treat for first-time or returning visitors. 

Once in Downtown Goderich, you are within a five minute walk of a wide variety of cultural attractions that attract tens of thousands of people from around the globe annually. More than forty festivals and events are hosted year round in Goderich. As well, Goderich offers a variety of high quality recreational facilities and amenities for all ages, including playgrounds, sports fields, the beachfront boardwalk, and 29 trail systems situated in town and the surrounding area. Three golf courses are located in and just outside of town with several others a short drive away. For those with an inclination towards the outdoors, Goderich is home to an ample bounty of wildlife found in the Maitland River Valley, Lake Huron and surrounding woodlands.

And of course, don’t forget those stunning beaches. Regardless of why you’re coming to the “Prettiest Town in Canada”— the local gastronomy, the rich cultural thread, the atmosphere or the great outdoors — there is no better way to say goodnight than to enjoy the legendary sunset. Once you visit Goderich, your heart will never leave.

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