Discover Ontario’s First Craft Distillery

Ontario’s first craft distillery, Still Waters Distillery, is now in its 10th year! In that relatively short time, they’ve garnered high praise from critics and consumers alike. They’ve won award after award for all their whiskies and were named Artisanal Distillery of the Year at the 2017 Canadian Whisky Awards. Not content to be just a local phenomenon, they were also named Craft Producer of the Year at the prestigious Icons of Whisky Awards in 2016.

Founders Barry Bernstein and Barry Stein set out to create quality whiskies from local and Canadian grains by hand in small batches. Along the way, they’ve produced Single Malt Whisky, 100% Rye Whisky and, more recently, several different blended whiskies all under the Stalk & Barrel brand. They developed their skills as distillers early on and started to experiment with blending as soon as they had mature whiskies to work with. That blending skill took years to hone, but their Red Blend and Blue Blend products are excellent examples of what great Canadian whiskies can be. Bold, rich and complex, their blends have become favourites for whisky sippers as well as cocktail enthusiasts, both at home and by mixologists.

Barry and Barry’s patience is paying off and the future looks promising with more exciting releases planned over the next few years.