Immerse Yourself in the Wilderness

A vast, misty, archipelago of mountainous islets engulfed by conifer forests that, when observed from high above, greatly resemble the dense mosses carpeting the ground down below. Wind, waves, and time shape this rugged landscape by eroding away imperfections, leaving only the strongest, most stunning, features to define a magical place known as Haida Gwaii. People are few and far between, but Haida culture runs deeply throughout our scattered coastal communities. One can venture into the wilderness and history of Haida Gwaii to connect with the earthly core values often forgotten in busy urban centres, and local company — Green Coast — offers just such an experience via guided kayak expeditions.

Any foray outdoors, here, is sure to afford a variety of interactions with the intricate web of creatures encompassing both marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Baleen whales frequent these waters to feed on blooming nutrients during the spring and summer months, with resident colonies of sea lions noisily tempting transient orcas who also come seeking sustenance. Sea birds, eagles, and bears are frequently observed when silently paddling the coastline towards abandoned village sites, where totem poles and house pits serve to remind us of the ancient traditions that define an ever-present Haida culture. Green Coast puts a large emphasis on sharing the true history of Haida Gwaii with all our guests in part of a greater hope to foster continued respect for culture, nature, and by extension — ourselves.

Expedition kayaking is not simply a form of travel, it is a way of life that requests concerted effort, and kindness, from each participant. We develop unique rituals to harmonize the completion of daily tasks. We swap stories around warm fires, and learn to embrace new friends at their best and worst moments. Skilled guides lead our trips by applying carefully learned wisdom to every decision that presents itself, and in doing so, optimize the limited time and resources available to their groups. We believe that experience determines choice with the inherit goal of continuing forward — a broad concept that spans all living contexts. And so, while our guides use experience to make good moves for the group, we hope that our guests will use the experience they gain on expeditions to make more conscientious choices back home. Small actions can ripple outwards to make big waves…

Haawa (thanks) to the Haida people who share their incredible home with new visitors each year.  Find out more at