Haines, Alaska

The Alaska we all dream about: real, authentic and unassuming

Haines, Alaska offers a breathtaking place for families to unplug and reconnect with each other and nature! We have the perfect climate of beautiful sunny summer days and some of the most perfect fluffy snow during the winter months — just the right amount to encourage you to get out and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Haines, Alaska is the Adventure Capital of the World where travellers from all over the world come to experience thrilling adventures such as catching salmon, observing whales and marine mammals along rugged coastlines, or the peace of hiking lush coastal rainforests. Adventure comes in many forms; for some it is wild and exciting, for others it can be going off-grid and reconnecting with what is important.

Nestled on the edge of North America’s deepest and longest fjord, just 68 nautical miles north of Juneau in Southeast Alaska, our town faces the sea and is surrounded by rivers and lakes and can be reached by a short plane or ferry ride. Craggy mountain peaks tower above a lush coastal rainforest. Bears, eagles, and whales roam free. Our charming fishing community offers the discerning traveler the opportunity to experience real Alaskan life unplugged and unpretentious.

In a home away from home, stay in one of our luxurious vacation rentals, where kids have the freedom to play outside, or families can gather around a board game surrounded by breathtaking views. Your days here might start as ours do, with fresh espresso brewed from beans roasted in one of our local coffee houses, offering fresh baked donuts or cinnamon rolls and watching the sunrise over glorious mountains on a beautiful deck overlooking the ocean.

Fill the long summer hours with local guided rafting, fishing, and four wheeling tours, a deep sea halibut fishing charter or hike through an ancient spruce forest. Take the kids to see museums dedicated to hammers, or explore the culture of our earliest residents the Native Tlingit people. If your still up for more,  you can seek your own adventure style hiking, panning for gold in glacier fed streams, or photographing bears, eagles, and stunning mountain vistas. During the winter you might enjoy snowmobiling, sledding, skiing or skating.

Then finish your evenings in the company of our colourful local fishermen, loggers, or artists dining at one of our amazing local restaurants serving farm-to-table dishes of fresh caught salmon and homegrown herbs or vegetables, or enjoying a beach bonfire.

Whatever you chose, there will not be enough time to do it all. Once you have discovered this place, you’ll have to return.

Your real Alaskan family vacation waits!

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