Explore The Mystic Land of The Vikings

Explore the mystic land of the Vikings in North America, where these legendary explorers lived more than a thousand years ago. Your journey along the Viking Trail to L’Anse Aux Meadows is a therapeutic coastal drive with ancient mountains to your right and beautiful ocean vistas to your left.

Dream you have travelled back in time where stories unfold of cultures that lived off these lands for 50 Centuries and more. Experience the friendliness of our people today by chatting over a cup of tea in places like the 50 Centuries Tea Room in Bird Cove! Be awe-inspired by the Thrombolite site in Flower’s Cove where today’s beauty encapsulates the beginning of the world.

With the longest iceberg season in Newfoundland, the area hosts these 10,000-year-old giants well into the summer. Adventure awaits you by boat, zodiac or by land. Your heart will skip at the sight of a breaching humpback and you will be left breathless with scenic views unlike any other on some of the best hiking trails you’ll find anywhere! The Viking Trail is your road to amazing memories!

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