Tips For Travelling Around The Holidays

Written by: Felicia Mangiardi

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s also the most busiest especially for those who are travelling.  Here are some tips to help make your holiday travels go as smooth as possible.

Pack light  

Pack as light as you can, bring a carry on and an extra empty luggage (for all the gifts you will be receiving).

Pack a snack

Everyone seems to be travelling around the holidays which means longer waits, longer lines and possible delays. Be prepared and bring a snack even if it’s just going to hold you over for an hour or so. Bounce is a healthy energy providing snack for your holiday travels. They come in many different flavours and sizes. They have a family travel pack, a solo pack, and even have a dietary pack!

Mail gifts don’t pack them

Save yourself the stress. No one wants to carry more bags then they need to while travelling over the holidays. Ship out as many gifts as possible. If you do have to pack some gifts pack smart! Avoiding wrapping gifts as the wrapping paper may rip as your luggage will be tossed around.

Hand Sanitizer 

Airports, buses, subways, and public washrooms are extra crowded around the holidays. Bring hand sanitizer. Your health is important! No one wants to be sick over the holidays! Bath and Body Works always have great deals on hand sanitizers! 


Travelling around the holidays, especially in parts of the world where it snows, expect delays and layovers. Bring your electronics for entertainment however it is important to bring non-electronic entertainment. You and 100’s of other people will be needing outlets to plug in their phones, iPads etc. Wifi may be slow and or require a fee to use. Bring a good ole’ book or some games like cards. You’ll thank us later.

Explore all options

Before jumping the gun and booking the first flight you see do your research. Check other alternatives like trains or other airlines. You may find a cheaper and or faster way to get to where you need to go.

Other useful tips

  • Make sure all your devices are charged.
  • Pack according to the weather.
  • Bring earphones and a travel pillow.
  • Leave early.
  • Remember be positive after all it is the holidays!