Top 10 Travel Products of 2017

Written by: Jessica Kuepfer

This year, companies produced new solutions for lost luggage, exploring unknown routes in a new city and the ability to charge your devices no matter where you are. Essentially, they have provided the answer to a less stressful trip to your next destination.

We have narrowed down the products to the top 10 items of 2017 below.


A modern-day mobile panic button that can keep you safe no matter where in the world you are. Give it to a loved one or take one on your next trip. Simple pair your tag with the app and go explore. If you experience danger, it will notify your loved ones who can call for help and also records the situation. Explore the world without the stress.

To buy – Wearsafe – Subscriptions start at $5/month.

Delsey Pluggage

This luggage is more than just a pretty design. Luggage pieces provide an elegant and discreet features which change the game for travel. Features include international tracking through a mobile app which means your luggage will never be lost again and will provide an alert when it reached the airport luggage carousel. It provides options to charge your mobile devices and is fingerprint locking so fear of theft is a thing of the past.

To buy – Delsey Paris – To be announced 2018

Life Straw

Adventures await anywhere with this small water purifier which makes up to 1,000 litres of contaminated water safe to drink. This technology filters out all microbiological contaminants in a straw-like filter and is discrete enough to put in a travel pack.

To buy – Life Straw – $19.95


Make this year the last time you walk shoeless through security. Smoots Comfort Conscious Footwear is part shoe, part sock so you can walk through security without taking anything off your feet. The next best thing to wearing your slippers on a flight!

To buy – Smoots – $25

Leash It App

Don’t want to wait until 2018 to buy the Pluggage set to track your luggage? Leash it is a Bluetooth tracker that you can attach to your luggage so you can determine the exact location at all times, ensuring it never goes missing again. This also can multitask for pets and prized possessions. 

To buy – Leash It – $49.95


A tough travel bag for all of your adventures, you will never need to unpack again. Think of it like a portable rollup closet.  You can put your shirts, pants, underwear, and socks inside, then roll it up to compress everything.

To buy – Rolo Travel – $49.99

Dream Water

Have a red eye and need to get some sleep or looking to combat jet lag?  Pack some Dream Water powder in your carry on and add to your water. It boasts a mix of GABA, Melatonin and 5-HTP. Simply drink a cup 30 minutes before take-off and have a restful flight.

To buy – Dream Water – $38.99 for 12 Pack


Never worry about breaking a pair of sunglasses in your travel bag again. Popticals are sport sunglasses that compact down into a small case when not in use. Scratches and broken sunglasses can be a thing of the past.

To buy – Popticals – $189

Alt Airopedic

Make your next flight the most comfortable flight with a portable seat that is advertised as “sitting on a cloud”. Weighing 1.6 pounds, it is light and easily transportable and offering a range of inflation adjustments.

To buy – Alt Airopedic – $65

Eagle Creek Silicone Bottles

Never worry about your toiletries ruining your clothing again with these leak-proof, silicone bottles that are easily squeezed.

To buy – Eagle Creek – $30.95