Canuck Cutting Boards may be a newer company but the woodworking bloodline runs deep. Owner and founder, Jeremy Eagen, was born and raised in North Buxton, Ontario where he grew up watching his father and uncle work in their successful woodworking company, Bradonna Woodwork Inc.

It wasn’t long before he himself started working at Bradonna, which ignited a genuine passion for business in Jeremy. This passion even inspired him to create his own custom laser engraving company, Outside the Box-Custom Laser Engraving. However, it wasn’t until Jeremy combined his love for woodworking with his fondness for cooking that he truly found his calling. Knowing a quality cutting board is one of the most important tools for a home chef; Jeremy set out to find the best Canadian-made board on the market.  One problem, there wasn’t one. The major player in this market was an American company that was not only being sold in Canada, but was being used on every Canadian cooking show and by every major Canadian chef as well. Knowing he had all the resources at his disposal to launch his own brand, Jeremy took the leap and Canuck Cutting Boards was born.

Today, Canuck Cutting Boards is committed to becoming the #1 cutting board company in Canada and to providing home cooks and professional chefs, restaurants and businesses with a superior quality, dependable Canadian product.

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