Hurricane Irma’s trajectory saw the record-setting storm make landfall in Cuba on September 8, after already pummeling the Caribbean.

When the storm passed, the Cuban government sprang into action with a comprehensive response effort. Hammers met nails as Cuba was rebuilt and reinvigorated.

Cuba’s tourist regions are emblematic of this recovery. With regular opera- tions resuming, travellers can once again enjoy warm water and warmer hos- pitality in these famous destinations.

CAYO COCO With its causeway restored, this sandy paradise of flamingo colonies and scenic beaches off Cuba’s north coast is once again alive with scuba divers, kitesurfers and volleyball players. Boasting 5000 hotel rooms, Cayo Coco remains on the forefront of tourism 

development and invites visitors to enjoy its contrast of undisturbed wilderness and world-class comfort.

CAYO SANTA MARIA A coastal key in the province of Villa Clara, Cayo Santa Maria also had its causeway repaired after Irma. When the furious tide receded, authorities also found a nice surprise: the stunning 13 kilometre beaches had more white-sand and dunes than ever. With airports now open, tourists can experience the vibrant handicrafts market or visit the sea lions at Acuario Delfinario Cayo Santa María at their leisure.

VARADERO Originally a drydock, Varadero has blossomed into a bustling resort town and the jewel of the Matanzas province. Varadero’s lively cabarets, authentic restaurants and storied golf course continue to delight both locals and tourists. Over 1 million visitors patronize Varadero’s beaches, festivals and stunning natural caves every year.